Leaked Skin Valentine Mobile Legends 2023

MLBB Valentine Skins

Valentine Mobile Legends skin 2023 will be coming soon. Of course fans of the game Mobile Legends: Bang Bang can't wait to find out which hero will get this skin.

Although there is no official information yet, there have been some leaker who leaked about the hero who will get the Valentine 2023 skin.

It was stated that the Valentine 2023 skin is for the heroes Claude and Fanny.

Of course, this is good news for those of you who are used to using these two heroes.

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Valentine Mobile Legends Skins 2023

Valentine's skin is known to continue to appear in the Mobile Legends game. The presence of this skin is also anticipated by the game players.

The reason is, Moonton always releases attractive skins complete with cool effects. So, it is only natural that players always want to have skins released in the Mobile Legends game.

Several leakers have leaked the appearance of the Valentine MLBB 2023 Skin for Clade and Fanny.

How will it look? Let's see!

Valentine Claude's skin

Skin Valentine Mobile Legends 2023 Claude
Claude. Source: YouTube/Sena YS Gaming

The hero who will get the Valentine Mobile Legends Skin this time is Claude. This hero with the Marksman role has a futuristic look with a Mega theme.

This hero wears clothing that is dominated by red, white and black and has a blue pattern.

Of course this will make Claude's users more confident about using it.

The modern appearance of Claude will make you cool when you are in the game to face the opposing team.

However, also make sure that you have mastered the skills of this hero. Also, determine the best Claude build item.

These two things are necessary so that Claude can appear brilliant when fighting in the Land of Dawn.

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Valentine Mobile Legends Skin 2023 Fanny

The next skin is rumored to be received by Hero Fanny.

This hero with the assassin role will appear in modern style clothes.

The appearance will also be dominated by white, black, red and blue hues.

The weapon that Fanny uses will also be dominated by blue.

With a modern appearance like this, it will certainly make you more confident when using Fanny in the game.

However, like Claude, you also need to master the skills of Fanny.

Because it can help you determine when and which skills to use while in battle.

So, you can optimize your skills and play your hero in the game.

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Another Valentine's Skin

MLBB Skins 2022 2021

Apart from these two skins, it is reported that there will also be Valentine skins in the previous period.

There are two pairs of heroes who will return in this period.

They are Hero Mia's skins with the names Sweet Fantasy and Alucard Romantic Fantasy.

The skins of heroes with Marksman and Assassin roles are rumored to be coming back to be owned this month.

Apart from that, there are also Layla Canon & Roses and Clint Guns & Roses skins.

It is estimated that there will be many skins that will be present in the release of Skin Valentine Mobile Legends 2023.

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At this time, of course, we need to wait for the official announcement from Moonton through the game. But we can already prepare to buy the skin.

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