How to Make a Glass Pane in Minecraft 1.19

Glass Pane Minecraft

Players can build houses in Minecraft with various kinds of decorations, such as Glass Pane which acts as glass to beautify the house.

This time, VCGamers will discuss how to make Glass Pane and tips about the block. Curious about how to make these glass panels? Come on, see the discussion below!

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Glass Panes in Minecraft 1.19

Glass Panes in Minecraft
Glass Panes in Minecraft. Source:

Glass Pane is a transparent block that can be used as an alternative to the usual glass block in the form of a box.

When playing Minecraft, of course, various kinds of blocks will be very useful for cosmetic needs in the form of decoration or functionality.

One block that is often used for decoration needs is Glass Pane.

Not only for decoration needs, Glass Pane can also protect players at home but still provide views and sunlight.

The block can protect players because mob the evil one can't see the player through the glass.

Therefore, many players want to know how to make glass blocks. Let's see how to make the following glass pane!

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How to Make Glass Panes

Glass Pane Recipe in Minecraft
Glass Pane Recipe in Minecraft

Before making Glass Pane, you must have Glass Blocks first. These items are very useful when playing Minecraft because they can be used to make all kinds of things.

One of them is making Beacons which has an effect on the players around it.

The way to make Glass Blocks is to burn Sand Blocks in a Furnace using a variety of fuels such as Coal.

After burning the Sand Block, players will get Glass Blocks. You need six Glass Blocks to make a Glass Pane.

The way to make Glass Panes is to place six Glass Blocks on the Crafting Table.

You can see the picture above as a Glass Pane recipe that you can copy on each Crafting Table.

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Tips and tricks

Silk Touch Enchantment
Silk Touch Enchantment. Source: Pro Game Guides

Apart from making Glass Panes through the Crafting Table, you can also get them from various sources such as villages and forest houses.

Not only that, Savanna Village Temple also provides Glass Pane in orange and red.

Various places that provide Glass Pane will have different colors.

To make Glass Panes with different colors, players can use the Crafting Table and use coloring materials according to the desired color.

For example, players can make a red Glass Pane using red dye from Beetroot.

The recipe for colored Glass Panes is with eight Glass Panes surrounding one coloring ingredient on the Crafting Table.

The last tip regarding Glass Pane is to use equipment that has an enchantment called Silk Touch to get this item as a drop.

If you destroy the Glass Pane without using equipment with Silk Touch, there will be no drop.

Thus the discussion about Glass Pane in Minecraft, hope this is useful!

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