The Painful Valir Build Items in Mobile Legends, All of them are engulfed in fire!

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Use the sick Valir build item on Mobile Legends VCGamers's version. You can kill all enemies. Everything will be engulfed in flames.

Valir, the Son of Flames is a very popular choice in rank games in Mobile Legends. Extremely versatile and equipped with crowd control and burst damage, he is easily one of the best mages available in games today. 

Usually used as a support or semi-mage, he can do well without the blue buff while being able to deal damage and land kills consistently. 

In this guide, we will take a look at the most painful Valir build item in Mobile Legends that deserves this tire.

List of the Most Sick MLBB Valir Build Items

Demon Boots

Build Valir
Demons Shoes

The first Valir build item is Demons Shoes. Valir's mana source is from this item. Buying other boots will require you to buy which regen items don't impact them as much.

As a mage, who has a fairly slow movement, this item must be used. Apart from providing additional movement speed, Demons Shoes can also restore mana by 10 percent every time you kill an opponent or receive an assist.

Glowing Wands

Build Valir
Glowing Wands

Deals very high damage. With its skill and burn, it will strengthen the Glowing Wand's effect. Best to buy after the boots if you are going to be a full mage.

Glowing Wandi is a magical element that will provide additional magic energy, HP and movement speed against it so that the attack hurts.

Apart from that, the Glowing Wand also has a passive ability, that is, each one is given a damage ability to cause a burn effect or burns to its opponent.

Ice Queen Wand

Build Valir
Ice Queen Wand

This Valir build item slows down the enemy when hit by a skill, increasing the chance of getting damage and also stacking ground explosions.

Besides that, lifesteal magic helps you to survive. Get the Ice Queen Wand first after booting if you are a support. After Glowing Wand if mage.

Ice Queen Wand is a magic element that will give magical power, magic life, movement speed and what additions are valid.

Ice Queen Wand also has a unique passive ability that can cause a slow effect on enemies affected by its damage.

Necklace of Durance

Build Valir
Necklace Of Durance

If you play support, this is a must-have Valir build item if the enemy hero has the regen ability.

Apart from cooldown and lifesteal magic, the skills are also easy to cut, especially the enemies around who will activate anti-heal.

Necklace of Durance is a magical element that will provide magical damage, cooldown reduction and magic life.

Not only that, Necklace of Durance also has a passive skill that will reduce the effect of the rules of the opposite hero who is affected by the danger.

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Winter Truncheons

Build Valir
Winter Truncheons

Winter Truncheon is a must buy if enemy assassins like to target you first in team fights. You have very low HP so it's easy to kill.

Apart from being careful in team fights, defense items such as Athena Shield and Immortality are recommended to be used in longer team fights.

Courage Mask

Build Valir
Courage Mask

For support, get Courage Mask: allows your teammates to farm faster.

You can buy a Courage Mask early game first, and complete this as a fourth or fifth item as it's not that important.

Courage Mask is one of the Roaming items in Mobile Legends that you can use when the gameplay has entered the mid game.

Courage Mask is very suitable for use when there is a war because the passive skill of this one roaming item will be very helpful. Courage Mask is an item upgrade from Wooden Mask.

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Those are the recommendations for the bad Valir Mobile Legends build item. So what do you think? Interested to try it or not?

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