Granger Hero Build Recommendations in Season 24 Mobile Legends

Granger's best sidelane hero

Below are recommendations for Granger hero builds in season 24 Mobile Legends which you can use to maximize its power.

The most painful Granger hero build in season 24 is one of the Mobile Legends heroes with a role shooter. This hero is always subscribed and often used for tournaments and ratings.

He himself was a manaless shooter, so players should only rely on basic attacks. He is often used as a shooter with high damage because of his ability to explode damage.

Granger has three hero skills, namely the first skill Rhapsody to attack, Ronda's second skill to escape or movement, and the third skill as the ultimate deasonate. He also has passive skills, with the sixth bullet dealing high damage after a basic attack.

To help you make the most of this single hero, here are recommendations for building the Granger hero in season 24 as your reference.

Granger Season 24 Hero Build List

Rapid Boots

Build Hero Granger

You need to pay attention that this Granger only has one advantage in terms of explosive damage, so the enemies we have to chase must die with 6 bullets.

In this way, we must get very close to the enemy we are pursuing. This Granger 2022 Rapid Boots Emblem, built like a pine tree, offers very high movement speed of up to +100 movement speed. So we have a long distance and most importantly we can quickly approach the enemy.

Often teammates will ask for help in defeating the enemy. If you are far from your friend's lane and ask for help, everything is easy, when you use Rapid Boots, you can easily go to your friends and your gang!

We often need flashing help in chasing enemies who have very little health. With Rapid Boots, you can more easily chase enemies with dead blood and even kill them.

On the other hand, you can now escape using Rapid Boots. This is because if you are being chased by an enemy, you can run with Rapid Boots and immediately activate the combat spell "Healing".

Berserker's Fury

Build Hero Granger

Berserker's Fury is the most painful thing about the Granger hero build that you have to have. He is a shooter who relies on critical damage, not attack speed like Claude. Thus, he urgently needed something from Berserker's Fury.

You need to know that Granger's sixth bullet will deal very critical damage. With Berserker's Fury, the critical damage he gives is even greater.

Berserker's Fury has a passive called Doom, where Critical Strike adds 5 percent physical attack to the hero in 2 seconds. This thing is definitely worth a combat shooter, especially if you have fellow shooters, guys.

In principle, Berserker's Fury is suitable for fighting in other hero roles, such as tanks, because it has the ability to increase physical attack and also critical.

That this thing can be used against all heroes in any role. Berserker's Fury is basically a must for any damage dependent hero.

Endless Battles

Build Hero Granger

Endless Battles offers 65 physical attack, 5 mana rain, 250 HP, 10 percent cooldown reduction, 5 percent movement speed, and 10 percent physical life.

Passively, within three seconds of using a skill, another basic attack can deal 60 percent more actual damage with a cool down of 1.5 seconds. Both commits increase movement speed by 10 percent.

This item also has a Divine Justice passive, where after using a skill, other basic attacks can generate 85 percent additional physical damage instead of actual damage.

This effect has a cool-down time of only 1.5 seconds. The second is Chase Fate, which is also passive in this case, when carrying out Divine Justice, the hero gets an additional 15 percent move.

This Endless Battle thing is mostly used by heroes who first use skills and then basic attacks, such as Lesley, Clint and Alucard. In addition, Endless Battle is perfect for fighting or fighting enemy heroes whose HP is thin and has a slow speed.

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Brute Force Breastplate

Build Hero Granger

Granger's next hero build is Brute Force Breastplate. Using a skill as a basic attack will increase movement speed by 3 percent, physical and magic defense by 4. It takes 4 seconds. Stack up to 5 times.

Brute force Breastplate is a defense item that is suitable for both early game and mid game. You can use this item according to the situations and conditions that exist in gameplay.

Brute Force Breastplate is also famous for its low price but provides an extraordinarily useful addition for heroes who use this item.

You can get Brute Force items in Mobile Legends by simply buying them for 1870 Gold. Apart from getting additional stat points, you will also get additional effects from the passive skills in this one defense item.


Build Hero Granger

Hunter Strike is something that is very suitable for Granger hero builds. The physical attack given to this item is very large, which is +100 physical attacks. In addition, the extra +10 percent Cooldown reduction is also beneficial for spam skills. In later games, this became apparent.

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That's the sickest and strongest Granger build hero in season 24 of Mobile Legends that you can use, complete with a discussion of Granger's most painful character and spelling.

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