Beware of this Monster in Lethal Company, Dangerous!

Monster Lethal Company

In exploring the Lethal Company game you will encounter several Monsters which will attack you and cause death or fall during exploration.

This will be very detrimental to you and your teammates. Because in this game there are fines that will be given if you don't survive during exploration.

Therefore, we will discuss the monsters that you need to be aware of when exploring the Lethal Company game.

Below is the complete discussion!

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Eyeless Dog

Monster Lethal Company
Eyeless Dog. Source: VCGamers

Eyeless Dog is a monster with a body shape like a dog but much larger in size and has many long and very sharp teeth in its jaws.

This monster does not have eyes that can see, however, its ability and instinct to hear are very sharp.

When you face Eyeless Dog, you must not make a sound and your character must squat.

If you make even the slightest sound, the Eyeless Dog will approach the source of the sound and try to pounce on it.

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The Thumper Monster is a monster with the shape of its upper body and head similar to a shark, but this monster has 2 very long arms for walking.

You need to be careful when you see him in the facility room, because Thumper is an aggressive monster and can chase you quickly.

Tips for surviving Thumper's pursuit are to run and jump onto fence rails and stairs. When you are on the fence railing and stairs, Thumper cannot attack you and you can attack back if you carry a defensive tool such as a shovel.


Bracken is another dangerous monster that you need to be aware of, he is a jet black figure that can merge with the darkness in the facility. Therefore, this monster has quite tricky mechanics to avoid and fight it.

Tips: If you use a flashlight, just flash it at a glance to escape. If you look at it for too long, in 4 to 5 seconds Bracken will attack you by grabbing and breaking your body.

But don't worry, you can defeat Bracken by using the Zap gun with the help of another teammate who hits him with a shovel 5-6 hits.

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Ghost Girl

Ghost Girl
Ghost Girl and Bracken figures. Source: Audentes1 and Nesdjoaelter

Ghost Girl is the most dangerous female ghost in the Lethal Company game because you can't fight her at all. Ghost Girl has very high immunity or is immune to shock from the Zap Gun tool. Of course, Ghost Girl is also immune to blows from Shovel.

You can only run to save yourself if you encounter it during exploration. Uniquely, Ghost Girl has a shape that is not so scary, just like an ordinary girl wearing a red polka dot dress.

When you are caught by him, he will break your head quickly.


Coil-Head is another monster you need to watch out for. he has the visual appearance of a large, bloody mannequin whose head is connected by springs. Its characteristic is that it stops when it is being seen by you or a teammate.

Coil Head will move and chase you again when you're not looking. He is also a creature who is immune or immune to attacks.

However, Coil Head can be stunned so don't worry when facing him and he is not a monster that can kill you instantly.

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Earth Leviathan

Earth Leviathan Monster Entity
Earth Leviathan Monster Entity. Source: DrDIOStuff

If you are familiar with the large Alaskan worm monster in the Spongebob cartoon, then the Earth Leviathan is a monster that has a large shape that is similar to the Alaskan worm.

When he attacks underground, he will make a roaring sound and dust will fly around the area.

A tip when you are attacked from underground by him is that you can turn around and run when the Earth Leviathan attacks.

Usually he will attack you at night in areas outside the wild on planets where he usually appears, such as Experimentation, Assurance, Offense, and others.

Forest Keeper

Forest Keeper Entity
Forest Keeper Entity. Source: Taurusa

The next monster you need to watch out for is the Forset Keeper. This forest guard monster is a huge giant monster like a Titan.

He will appear and patrol around the forest to wait for you when it is late afternoon. This monster has very loud footsteps and is easy to hear from a distance because of its very large size.

If he catches you he will grab your body with his big hands and eat you like a titan in animation Attack on Titan.

However, after finishing eating, there is a possibility that he will emit deadly poisonous gas in the surrounding area. When you enter the gas you will lose stamina and start taking damage.

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That's a discussion of the various monsters you need to be aware of in the Lethal Company game.

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