Tips for Playing Wild Hearts for Beginners

Wild Hearts

Wild Hearts is an action genre game RPGs which focuses on hunting wild animals using unique technology.

Games which was developed by KOEI TECMO GAMES and released by Electronic Arts This can be played on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and game consoles PC.

Wild Hearts allows you to play with your friends in multiplayer mode or choose to enjoy the adventure alone in single player mode.

For those of you who are not familiar with hunting games, the use of Karakuri technology in this game might make you confused. What are some tips for playing Wild Hearts for beginners?

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Tips for Playing Wild Hearts for Beginners

As a beginner, it's a good idea for you to play this game in mode singleplayer. This serves to familiarize yourself with the game system adopted by Wild Hearts.

Harugasumi Way, which is the first area in this game, can be a starting point for adapting and hunting calmly. What else do you need to pay attention to as a beginner?

Explore the Surrounding Area Before Hunting

Wild Hearts - Small Kemono
Small Kemono which can give items. Source: JBGamingExp/Youtube

Each area on the map in Wild Hearts has a variety of natural resources and Kemono for you to learn about.

Not all Kemono themselves have to be hunted, there are also small Kemono that can give you useful items.

To get materials from Small Kemono, sneak up behind them and pet them gently. Hide your weapon before approaching them.

Open Dragon Pits and Build Karakuri in Many Places

Wild Hearts - Dragon Pits
Dragon Pits. Source: Fextralife/Youtube

Dragon Pits have a certain amount of energy for each element which will limit the maximum number of Dragon Karakuri you can build.

To open the Dragon Pits, you need crystals. Therefore, make sure you collect every crystal you see on your journey.

Even at a low level, sometimes the amount of energy available is still able to make two important Karakuri such as Hunting Tower and Fying Vines.

You can use Dragon Pits as a point to move quickly, cook food, and make weapons.

Take advantage of Tsukumo in battle

Wild Hearts - Tsukumo
Tsukumo. Source: Fextralife/Youtube

Wild Hearts has a unique robot named Tsukumo which can be found in every map in this game. There are a total of 250 robots that you can find throughout the game.

Tsukumo can help you in battle and you can increase their level by collecting them in greater quantities.

This robot usually lives in remote areas. If you have trouble finding them, you can look for them by listening to their unique sound.

How to Find Certain Items or Materials More Quickly

Wild Hearts Cyclopedia Page
Wild Hearts Cyclopedia Page. Source:

If you are looking for a particular item or material, you can check the information available in the Cyclopedia menu.

Here, you will find information about Giant Kemono and Small Kemono, the items they carry, and how to get them.

For materials with the word "Pet" in them, you are required to catch the Kemono carrying the material and place it in a cage.

Therefore, you need to open the Wildlife Cage Dragon Karakuri to do this and some Kemono Orbs.

Ask other players for help when completing side quests

Wild Hearts - Multiplayer mode
Multiplayer mode to make quests easier. Source: Fextralife/Youtube

The longer you play this game, maybe you will often do repeated hunts like in Ragetail to get more materials and orbs to upgrade your gear and Karakuri.

The characters in Minato will also give you side quests periodically which require you to hunt the same Kemono several times.

To shorten the hunt and quests, you can select the "Join Session" option from the main map in Wild Hearts.

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So, those are the tips for playing Wild Hearts for those of you who have just tried this game. What do you think?

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