Guide to Playing Monster Hunter Rise for Beginners

Monster Hunter Rise

Monster Hunter Rise is an action game RPGs With deep gameplay and full of challenges, this game offers an exciting monster hunting experience.

For those of you who are still beginners in the game series Monster Hunter and are just entering the world of Monster Hunter Rise, this article will provide a basic guide to help you start your journey in hunting this exciting and exciting monster.

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Select the appropriate weapon type

Monster Hunter Rise
MHR Weapon Type Display. Source: VCGamers

Monster Hunter Rise has various types weapon, each weapon has its own fighting style and abilities. You can choose a weapon that suits your playstyle.

If you like playing heavy attacks or heavy attacks, then the Great Sword weapon type will be suitable for your character.

For those of you who like fast attacks that produce results damage on monsters every second, then the dual blade weapon type will be suitable for your character.

If you like slashing attacks with a wide area then use a longsword weapon on your monster hunter rise character.

Meanwhile, the Light Bowgun weapon type is suitable for those of you who like long-range attacks. There are many other types of weapons in Monster Hunter Rise that you can choose and customize.

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Learn Combo Attacks from the Weapon You Choose

MHR Training Area display
MHR Training Area display. Source: VCGamers

Each weapon in Monster Hunter Rise has its own unique attacks and moves. you need to take time to understand the moves, consecutive attacks or combos as well as the special abilities of the weapon you choose.

You can go to the training area to learn attack combos, later in this area there will be special features that will help you to practice attack combos.

Use Combination Attacks with Wirebugs

After you get used to the basic combo attacks of the weapon you choose. You can use special attacks with the help of wirebugs (Silkbind Attack). Each of the 14 Weapon types has a unique Silkbind Attack.

Each Silkbind Attack uses the Wirebug to perform powerful maneuvers. Of course this attack will be combined with a basic combo attack.

That way you will be more effective in hunting monsters because you can master weapon attack combos well.

Another thing to pay attention to is, don't stick to just one type of weapon. You also have to master the other types of weapons in Monster Hunter Rise.

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Preparation Before Combat, Important!

After you have mastered combo attacks and combination attacks from your chosen weapons, there are still important preparations that should not be skipped because these preparations will have a big impact on your battles when hunting monsters.

The following are the preparations before combat that you must do:

Bring Support Items to Battle

MHR Item Display
MHR Item Display. Source: VCGamers

You are advised to bring supporting items such as potions, max potions, antidotes (if the enemy has a poison effect) and others.

Then you can bring Flash Bomb, Tranq Bomb, Pitfall Trap and Shock Trap which can be used to catch your target monster.

Get to Know Your Target Monster

Large Monsters MHR
Large Monsters MHR. Source: VCGamers

The next important preparation is that you need to identify your target monster first, starting from what its movements and attack patterns are like.

Later you will know when the timing is right to attack and when to avoid monster attacks. You can even counterattack monsters with certain weapons.

Next, you also need to identify the weaknesses of your target monster, such as which parts you should attack, for example the armblades on the Magnamalo Monster which you can destroy (broken parts) and can drop additional material.

This will really help you in completing the battle and getting maximum materials.

Bring Palico and Palamute into Battle

Palico is an adventure companion type cat in Monster Hunter Rise which will accompany you on your monster hunting adventure. They can help you in various ways, including combat, quests, and supporting you during the game.

Meanwhile, the Palamute is a dog-type adventure partner. Palamute can help you with movement and transportation when hunting monsters.

Here is a guide to maximizing your Palico and Palamute in Monster Hunter Rise:

  • Choose a suitable Palico and Palamute
  • Learn Palico and Palamute Attacks
  • Use Palico Gadgets
  • Train and level up your Palico and Palamute
  • Use the best equipment on your Palico and Palamute

Do Buff First

Yes, buff This is something that must be done before you start hunting monsters. because with buffs your character's status can increase drastically from normal status without buffs.

In Monster Hunter Rise buffs can be done by eating food that you make or ordering food from the canteen at your base. Later these foods will have different statuses.

Of course you have to choose the status according to what you need. At the start of the Monster Hunter Rise game, not all food menus are available, you have to open them first by doing a special mission.

After you buff, it means your preparations are complete and you are ready to hunt monsters to complete missions, collect materials and make the best armor and weapons.

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So, that's a guide to playing Monster Hunter Rise that you can learn and do when you first enter the world of Monster Hunter Rise.

Hopefully this article can help and broaden your insight into playing Monster Hunter Rise!

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