Eternatus: Legendary Monsters in the Pokemon World

Pokemon Eternatus

Eternatus being one Pokémon which is legendary in the world of Pokemon. This Pokemon was first released in the Pokemon Sword and Shield series. With its impressive and mysterious appearance, this Pokemon has become a target for several Pokemon trainers.

Apart from its appearance, this Pokemon, which can be found in the Galar region, is a target for Pokemon trainers because of its legendary abilities and strength.

So, let's look at the following review regarding the uniqueness and abilities of Eternatus! Just go ahead, check it out!

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Eternatus Evolution

Pokemon Eternatus
Eternatus View. Source: Official Site

As mentioned above, Eternatus is a legendary Pokemon. Therefore, it does not undergo evolution like normal Pokemon.

These Pokemon have the title "Legendary Pokemon" or "Mythical Pokemon" where they do not experience evolution related to them.

in game, Pokémon This was introduced already in its perfect form which will not undergo evolution.

In the games, Eternatus is often used by antagonists as their Pokemon of choice. To be able to defeat this Pokemon, trainers usually use “Zacian” and “Zamazenta”.

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Pokemon Eternatus
Eternamax. Source: Official Site

Apart from not undergoing evolution, this Pokemon is unique in its striking appearance.

Dominated by purple and red with its appearance looking like a dragon skull with sharp edges. This appearance gives a scary aura.

Apart from its scary appearance, this Pokemon has another unique feature, namely its size, which can turn into a giant.

When in giant form, this Pokemon is called "Eternamax". To be able to achieve this form requires "Eternamax Energy" or "Max Soup" which cannot be used all the time.

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The Power of Eternatus

Pokemon Eternatus
Eternatus becomes Eternamax. Source: Official Site

Eternatus is one of the Pokemon that has strength and abilities with strong statistics.

His power to attack has a high impact on his opponents.

One of his high-impact abilities is "Eternal Radiance" which can attack with high power without using a lot of points.

Apart from that, this Pokemon has a poison type attack that can have a continuous deadly impact on its opponent.

By using this Pokemon, trainers will benefit from winning more easily.

This Pokemon's strength will be much stronger when in Eternamax form.

In this form, all of his attacks will increase and deal more damage. His Special Attacks and Physical Attacks will be difficult to stop. One of Etermax's strengths is "Max Ooze" which increases special attacks.

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So, that's the review regarding the uniqueness and strength of Pokemon Eternatus.

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