5 Best Armor in Horizon Forbidden West

Best Armor Horizon Forbidden West

in games Horizon Forbidden West, having quality weapons and clothing is very important. Apart from that, you also have to have the best armor to play the Horizon Forbidden West game.

You should look for some Legendary armor sets that only a few people have the talent to unlock. 

Some of the talents you must have include being able to conquer the Hunting Ground, or knowing exactly where to look in one of the Relic Ruins. 

If you want to get the best armor in Horizon Forbidden West, we would recommend it for you to collect.

Here are the five best armors you can get in Horizon Forbidden West.

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UTaru Winterweave

Best Armor Horizon Forbidden West
UTaru Winterweave. Source: Gaming.net

To survive winter in the Forbidden West, you must adopt a series of survival techniques. 

To make it a little easier and less burdensome on your soul, you can make Utaru Winterweave armor.

One set armor This legendary will allow you to escape unwanted Plasma, Frost, Shock, and Purgewater damage.

The thing that makes it difficult to get this armor is because it has to be accompanied by hunting which will make you look for the various materials needed. 

However, if you manage to get 2,000 Metal Shards, 1 Apex Dreadwing Heart, and 1 Tremortusk Circulator, then you can visit the Stitcher in Thornmarsh, who will make the armor for you.

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Tenakth Vanquisher

Best Armor Horizon Forbidden West
Tenakth Vanquisher. Source: Gaming.net

If you are the type of hunter who prefers to take part directly into the battlefield, then you can use the Tenakth Vanquisher armor.

Using the Tenakth Vanquisher armor will put you in an advantageous situation. Because, if you receive damage, your enemy will also get it. 

In short, the more damage you take, the greater your chances of receiving a spontaneous increase in ability. 

To get this Legendary armor set, you must exchange a total of 54 Medals at the Maw of the Arena. 

Tenakth Tactician

Tenakth Tactician
Tenakth Tactician. Source: Gaming.net

If you are the type of player who prefers to play on the field and avoid direct confrontation, then you are suitable for using the Tenakth Tactician armor.

This armor is specifically designed for those who want to control a machine without taking damage.

 To get one of the best Legendary armors in the Forbidden West, you have to collect 2,000 Metal Shards, 1 Thunderjaw Circulator, and 1 Apex Slitherfang Heart. 

Once you get all the items, take them back to Thornmarsh, and Stitcher will use them to make Tenakth Tactician armor.

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Oseram Artificer

Oseram Artificer
Oseram Artificer. Source: Gaming.net

If you want to invest your free time in crafting one of the best defensive armors in the Forbidden West, then you should consider joining a Salvage Contract. 

Once you successfully receive “Keruf's Salvage Unlimited,” you can progress further along the Salvage Contract quest chain. 

To get the main prize, namely the Legendary Oseram Artificer armor, you must complete all 17 Salvage Contracts. 

There are four biomes that you must explore to find a suitable contractor, namely Barren Light, The Stillsands, The Greenswell, and The Raintrace. 

After you defeat all the contracts, you will return to Keruf to receive armor as a reward.

Nora Thunder Warrior

Nora Thunder Warrior
Nora Thunder Warrior. Source: Gaming.net

Nora Thunder Warriors is the best armor in Horizon Forbidden West. 

The reason is because the buff is very large which will target all core areas. 

And when it comes to long-range combat armor, it packs the hardest punch in the game, making it an essential amor for any hunter who needs it.

To get this armor is not cheap, because you have to get a Medal in the Maw of the Arena. 

If you can claim a total of 54 Medals by beating a series of challenges, then you'll soon evolve into one of the most fearsome warriors on the Western frontier. 

Duplicate and get Death Seeker's Shadow Hunter Bow, which can also be obtained in the Maw of the Arena.

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That's our discussion about the best armor in the game Horizon Forbidden West.

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