Horizon Forbidden West PS4 Review, Superior to PS5?

horizon forbidden west ps4

Horizon Forbidden West PS4, the successor to Horizon Zero Dawn which was the mainstay of PS4 in 2017. The review could have ended there, because this game is an absolutely stunning game in terms of graphics.

Action RPG genre, this game from Guerrilla offers a very wide world to explore. Aloy, a member of the Nora tribe remains the protagonist, in a futuristic or post-apocalyptic world where humanity has been destroyed by robots created to help humans.

But then got distracted from his job and unable to function on his own.

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Horizon Forbidden West Ps4 review

horizon forbidden west ps4
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Aloy's role in Horizon Zero Dawn remains basically the same, namely to save civilization, but she also has to travel to the West to find a copy of Gaia.

The essence of games Zero Dawn which aims to restore life on Earth.

In this game, it is enough to tell us the story. How about the gameplay? Horizon Forbidden West Ps4 is Open World games with vast lands that house a variety of monsters with different abilities, from easy to kill to difficult.

Yes, even though it is classified as Open World, not all elements in this game can be explored, such as not all parts of the cliffs, walls, or even pillars that Aloy can climb.

Aloy obtained this new power, which was not there before. Only certain sections of the cliff can be climbed, indicated in bright colors on the cliff or elsewhere.

horizon forbidden west ps4
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Use Focus to find rocky areas, so don't assume that her climbing skills are as great as in Zelda Breath of the Wild, or as impressive as her twin, Genshin Impact.

Not really, because the adventure needs to be more advanced for the difficulty to be greater than in other games.

Missions in this game are also divided into main missions and side missions, so it takes about 60 hours to complete them all. I'm not trying to prove that and instead I'm just believing.

However, additional missions outside of the main mission are related to the Horizon Forbidden West Ps4 story, so there's nothing to lose in completing them.

As you play the game, the weapons used will continue to increase in strength over time. You should avoid missions to get or change weapons because they fall into the main mission category.

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Why is Horizon Forbidden West PS4 Better Than PS5? 

horizon forbidden west ps4
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Horizon Forbidden West is getting closer to release, but if you intend to play it on PS5, it's best to get the PS4 version.

Horizon Forbidden West for PS5 can be pre-ordered on the playstation Store for $69.99. The PS4 version of the game is actually cheaper at US$59.99, so why did you decide to buy it?

The whole setup is a bit tricky with Forbidden West, despite the fact gamers saved $10 by upgrading from PS4 to PS5. Sony's Jim Ryan initially promised that the Playstation 4 version of the game would include a free upgrade for PS5 owners.

But after the game's release was delayed, Sony rethought its strategy and decided to charge extra for those who wanted to play the game on the PS5 console.

This announcement was not received well by the public, which ultimately prompted the company to back away from the decision and offer cross-generational upgrades at no additional cost.

Remember, it doesn't matter whether you bought the game physically or digitally, you can still upgrade for free. PS4 game versions may not appear in PS Store search results on your PS5.

But you can still buy a cheaper version from other devices using a web browser. What do you think about Horizon Forbidden West Ps4?

Also, if you start playing the sequel on PS4, you can transfer saved games to PS5. Above is a review of the Horizon Forbidden West Ps4, its superiority is unquestionable.

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