20 Exciting Open World Games on Android!

Android open world games

Confused looking for an Open World game on Android that is worth it for you to play? VCGamers has a series of recommendations especially for you!

Curious what it contains? Check it out below!

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Open World Games

Android open world games
Evil Lands Gameplay Display.

For those of you who like adventure games, of course you are familiar with the term Open World. Basically, Open World is a genre in the game that allows you to explore a very large game world.

Usually, Open World games are accompanied by game genres sandbox, survival, or simulators. They have to go to other parts of the world to just look for new sensations or get certain items.

So, this time, the author has collected recommendations for 20 special Open World games on Android that you can play. Have you ever played any of the games below?

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Pokémon GO!

Android open world games
Pokémon GO! Biggest Android Open World Game.

The writer feels that Pokemon GO! must occupy the main position of Open World. The reason is that you have to play this AR (Augmented Reality) game for real!

To be able to catch pokemon, you have to go around in the real world. Not only that, there are several landmarks or original buildings that were used as Pokestops by the developer. 

And, in fact, there are some Pokemon that you can only meet in certain parts of the country!

This game gets the top position as the author's version of the open world game that you should try.

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Android open world games
Zombie Apocalypse Survival Game Poster, LifeAfter.

Game LifeAfter is a game genre Open World, Survival, and Zombies Apocalypse. You will play as a character who is still surviving, going around the place to pick up items and resources.

LifeAfter also supports playing with friends too. So you can survive together with your friends.

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Android Open World Games – Genshin Impact

Android open world games
Genshin Impact posters.

This game by Mihoyo immediately caught the attention of many story-open world players. Starting from attractive graphics, cute characters, and an interesting story and still continues.

Genshin Impact offers several countries with different nuances and storylines. In fact, Mihoyo has prepared several maps that will be published until 2025!

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Android open world games
Minecraft posters. Source: Nintendo

This is the OG Open World. Minecraft is a game that you can play alone or with friends. You can travel around the world of Minecraft as far as you can, find different types of trees, visit villages of Villagers, and much more.

The mission of Minecraft is basically defeat Ender Dragon. But, you need strong armor and high experience.

In Minecraft, there are three worlds that you can explore: Overworld, Netherworld, and End World. These three worlds have their own uniqueness, making you have to explore them all!

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Android Open World Games – terraria

terraria wallpapers.

If Minecraft is a 3-dimensional version of the Open World game, Terraria is the 2-dimensional version. In Terraria, you can explore while creating buildings and items to strengthen yourself.

This game, which belongs to the Survival Genre, requires you to survive underground. In terms of gameplay, this game is similar to Growtopia with Minecraft gameplay.

ARK: Survival Evolve

Display Gameplay ARK Survival Evolve.

If you like the Dinosaur genre, you will definitely like ARK: Survival Evolve. Yes, the open world survival game that originally existed on PC is now available in the Android version.

Game ARK: Survival invites you to build around the world while surviving the attack of the dinosaurs. You can also tame some dinosaurs for you to ride.

And one more thing, you can play with other players online!

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MapleStory M

MapleStory M Gameplay Display

Maplestory M (Mobile) is one such game MMORPG Open-World 2D which was a scene at its time. You will explore Maple World with more than 30 characters that you can get.

To get Exp and items, MapleStory M provides 10 Dungeons that you can play alone or with friends online.


Android open world games
Character illustration in Ragnarok. Source: wallpaperflare.com.

The Legend of MMORPG Game, Ragnarok, is now available on Android. You can go on an adventure around the world of Ragnarok, fight monsters, and create guilds with your friends.

This game with the signature Monster Poring has at least 6 Jobs that you can choose according to your interests. There are swordsmen, acolytes, mages, assassins, blacksmiths and archers.

For now, the Ragnarok that still exists on Android is Ragnarok Origins, Ragnarok M: Eternal Love, and Ragnarok Begins.

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Android Open World Games – Ni No Kuni

this is no kuni cross worlds
Ni No Kuni Poster.

Want to experience playing an Open World Game on Android with graphics like Studio Ghibli? Try Ni No Kuni!

Ni No Kuni is a very exciting and interesting Open World MMORPG game. Think of it like Genshin Impact, but you will be spoiled with Studio Ghibli's cartoon graphics.

Here, you can garden, fight bosses, and join the Kingdom with friends.

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Sky: Children of the Light

Game Footage Sky, Children of the Light.

This one game will spoil you with the instruments and the beauty of the world while you are on an adventure. Sky: Children of the Light is an interesting casual adventure genre game.

In this game, there are five Main Quests that invite you to travel around the world in search of "the Light". Anyway, this game is very enjoyable.

Android Open World Games – Goat Simulator

Android open world games.
Goat Simulator Gameplay Display.

How does it feel to live as a goat? Yes, with this Goat Simulator game, you can experience life as a riotous goat!

Your task in this game is only one: destroy. You can travel around the world of Goat Simulator, destroying facilities, and even doing tricks like Backflips and more!

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Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley posters.

This Farm Simulator type game was quite popular some time ago. This is a version of Harvest Moon with a more complex gameplay.

You will play as a character who inherits his grandfather's farm in Stardew Valley. In the game, you can grow crops, interact with NPCs, go to islands, explore caves, and collect all items.

For writers, this is the best farm-simulator game.


Android open world games
Wilderless Poster, Stress Relieving Android Open World Game.

If you want to relax and play gamese Very free android Open World, the author recommends Wilderless. In this game, you will play a character that you created yourself.

You can ski, explore flower fields, swim in lakes, and so on. To make it even more interesting, you can shape-shift into a horse, wild boar, eagle, deer, bear, and many more.

One more thing that makes the writer recommend this game is that you can take beautiful photos. Good for you to make as HP wallpaper later.

Android Open World Games – Roblox

Android open world games
Roblox, Android Open World Sandbox Game.

Want to experience the Sand Box Open World Online game?  Roblox is the answer.

You can play in a virtual world made by you or someone else. You can also design the characters in this game to your heart's content so that they are different from the others.

You can explore the world, play various modes, and much more that you can do in Roblox.  

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Last Island of Survival

Last Island of Survival posters.

It may sound similar to LifeAfter, but Last Island of Survival is more thrilling. The reason is, in this Open World game, you have a deadline to leave the wasted island.

The condition is that you (or with friends) are on a wasted island filled with zombies and monsters. You have to make a shelter and within 15 days, you have to leave the island.

Evil Lands

Evil Lands Gameplay Display.

Game Evil Lands is a very exciting Open World MMORPG game. More or less, this game is similar to DragonRaja or Ragnarok, but with a more interesting sensation.

You can choose characters, complete quests, and form a team with friends from all over the world to fight enemies and become the strongest.

In this game there are also dungeon raids with drop loots that can strengthen you in terms of level and armor.

Android Open World Games – Evertale

Poster for Evertale, a Fantasy Open World Android Game

This Android open world game is suitable for those of you who like fantasy worlds. In the game Evertale, you can fight enemies while catching monsters. There are more than 180 monsters that you can catch and evolve.

In addition, the battles in this game can accommodate 4 vs 4 players! So you can gather friends to become partners and fight together!

Westland Survival: Cowboy Game

Android open world games
Westland Survival posters.

If you like the thrill of cowboys in the forest and savanna, you can consider Westland Survival: Cowbo Game.

You have to survive with a background as a cowboy. In order to survive, you can complete quests, travel the world, and loot from the remnants of life.

To eat, you can also hunt various animals, such as bears, deer, and others.

Android Open World Games – Tower of Fantasy

View of the World Tower of Fantasy.

Another sci-fi fantasy game with great graphics called Tower of Fantasy. Just like the PC version of the game, you will fight and surround the planet Aida.

Here too, you can get various types of weapons called Simulacra. To get it, you can use Gacha.

Overall, the Tower of Fantasy game is very good for you to play.

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Worldbox – Sandbox God Simulator

Android open world games
Worldbox – Sandbox God Simulator.

Finally, the writer would like to give a recommendation for an Open World game on Android that is very different. If you're usually the main character or have a character, not here.

Worldbox – Sandbox God Simulator is a game that lets you create your own world. You will play the role of "God", presenting various resources that humans can use to further develop.

If you are bored, you can bring disaster according to your wishes. Volcanoes, nuclear explosions, earthquakes, all you can do here,

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Final Words

Those are 20 Open World Games on Android that you can download. You can download it directly via Google Play by tapping on the title of each game above.

So, which one do you prefer?

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