The Best Valorant Tracker Choice That Must Be Used!

Valorant Tracker

Valorant Tracker is a tool or software that tracks player statistics in Valorant games. Not only to track player statistics, various Valorant trackers also provide analysis on aspects of the gameplay that players need to improve.

These statistics cover general things like win rate, headshot percentage, kill/death ratio, and others. Some statistics also provide an analysis of the user's playstyle or gameplay.

If Vicigers is really into the Valorant game, maybe Vicigers needs a Valorant tracker so they can see statistics and developments from their own gameplay. Let's take a look at the recommended Valorant trackers below!

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Valorant Tracker recommendations

Overwolf / Tracker Network

Valorant Tracker Overwolf
Display Download Valorant Tracker from the Tracker Network on the Overwolf Website. Source: Overwolf

Overwolf is a quite popular name among third-party applications for competitive multiplayer games. This software is used to provide statistics for many competitive games such as Dota 2, CS:GO, and of course Valorant.

There are over 1 million downloads from the official Overwolf website. The best part about Overwolf is the stats real-time that users can see about teammates. After entering the agent selection menu, users will be able to see each player's kill / death ratio, win rate, and win rate results from previous matches.

Apart from statistics, Overwolf also provides guides or guides by the community that are integrated into the software. So, users can learn tips and tricks about Valorant. The Overwolf software is also integrated with, so this software is very trusted for Valorant enthusiasts.

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Tracker. gg

Valorant Tracker
View of the Website with Various Games, Including Valorant. Source: is a third party software that has a special mobile application. So, Vicigers can see statistics through's mobile application. In addition, also keeps user statistics privately and provides highlights of the user's strengths and weaknesses.

This software provides what users need to improve and what gameplay aspects are already good. Like Overwolf, also provides a forum for the community to share knowledge about user gameplay.

For example, many forums regarding Valorant such as the Viper or Sova line ups have been present Tracker. gg. So, this software can be an option for Vicigers who want to use the Valorant tracker.

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Valorant Tracker
Display of the Website Tracker Complete with the Valorant Game. Source:

This software gives users deep insight into how well the user's gameplay has been from recent matches. There are statistics such as win rate, average damage, kill / death ratio, and various other useful statistics.

However, the drawbacks of is that there is no analysis of gameplay improvements like those in Overwolf and So, for Vicigers who just want to view or track general and global statistics, this software is perfect.

There are other global statistics such as agent selection rate, win rate, first blood percentage, and others.

Blitz. gg

Valorant Tracker Official Website Appearance. Source:

Blitz. gg has a database full of statistics about Valorant such as maps, agents, and weapons. Therefore, users will get information about agents that are widely used, win rates when playing on certain maps, team composition, and much more.

In addition to these global statistics, Blitz also provides users with a dashboard to view past match history, show accuracy presentations, and more.

Blitz also uses AI to analyze user errors and provide helpful details to pinpoint what problems occurred. In addition, the famous pro player TenZ uses this software.

However, the main drawback of this Blitz is the ads that are available. These ads will appear to invite users to buy the pro version. According to WhatIfGaming, The ads that appear are relatively annoying, so Vicigers must be patient if you don't want to buy the pro version of

Thus the discussion regarding the recommendations for Valorant Tracker. For the need to top up Valorant Points, please visit VC Market by VCGamers! Many promos and cash back are available, you know!

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