Strengths and Weaknesses of Neon Valorant, The Sickest Duelist!

Neon Valorant Agent

Valorant has various kinds of agents according to different roles. There are Duelists, Sentinels, Controllers, and Initiators. This time, VCGamers will discuss Valorant's duelist agent, Neon.

Neon was released in early 2022, on patch 4.0 last January to be precise. Since the release of Neon, many duelist players have used it as a reliable agent.

Like any other Valorant agent, Neon has its advantages and disadvantages. Before discussing these advantages and disadvantages, let's take a look at the Neon discussion below!

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Neon As Valorant Duelist Agent

Neon Valorant Agent
Neon in Agent Selection Valorant. Source: VCGamers

Neon is a duelist agent who has incredible speed thanks to his skills. Ability to be entry fragger in the team there is no question. This agent from the Philippines is able to break through sites quickly and is able to surprise enemies with his set of skills.

Neon's ultimate allows him to shoot electricity from his fingertips, dealing incredible damage if the player is able to do precise aiming.

Players can also block the enemy's sight with skills wall tall and long. Apart from blocking the enemy's sight, Neon also has a grenade skill that can give stun against the enemy hit by the grenade.

However, the skills that characterize Neon are skills sprints which is able to give Neon the speed of running and gliding so as to surprise the enemy.

The skill possessed by Neon is able to provide its own uniqueness. Professional Valorant players are aware of this and often use Neon in major Valorant tournaments.

Valorant pro players often use Neon especially when playing on the Fracture and Haven maps. According to vlr. gg, in this year's VCT APAC Last Chance Qualifier tournament, Neon has a high pick rate in the Fracture (93%) and Haven (50%) maps.

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How to Get Neon

Neon Valorant Agent Contracts
Valorant Contracts to Get Neon. Source: VCGamers

Neon's unique skills might make Vicigers curious and want to play with Neon. Don't worry, here's how to get Neon as a Valorant duelist agent.

First, Vicigers must activate Neon's contract. By activating the contract, Vicigers will immediately get Neon. However, Vicigers must still play Valorant and complete daily and weekly missions.

Completion of daily and weekly missions will grant EXP to the contract. The more missions Vicigers complete, the faster you can get Neon. Vicigers must reach a tier 5 contract in order to get Neon.

Upon reaching a tier 5 contract, Valorant will provide a unique reward each time you level up. Vicigers will get Neon's signature Frenzy skin called Live Wire Frenzy when the contract reaches tier 10.

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Pros of Neon Valorant

Neon Valorant Skills
Wall Skills and Ultimate Neon Valorant. Source: VCGamers

Neon as a duelist has many unique advantages. First, Neon has a large damage output because of its ultimate. By shooting lasers at enemies, players are able to kill these enemies quickly.

Not only is the damage output large, if the player combines the ultimate and available skills, it will be more difficult for Neon to be killed by enemies. By using ultimate skills and skills sprints simultaneously, it will be more difficult for enemies to shoot Neon.

The combination of ultimate skills and sprints very good because the ultimate attack has no recoil. Besides the combination with sprints, players can also use grenade skills that provide stun against the enemy, so that it can easily kill the enemy.

Neon as a duelist agent is able to provide control over an area thanks to skill wall-his. This skill can interfere with enemy vision, so Neon can easily enter an area or site.

Skills combination wall with sprints will make it easier for the team to enter into an area or site. Enemies guarding the area or site may be surprised by Neon's speed when entering the area the enemy is guarding.

Drawbacks of Neon Valorant

Neon Valorant posters
Neon Valorant Trailer Poster. Source: YouTube/VALORANT

Like any other agent, Neon also has some drawbacks. First, players must have good and precise aim. Neon's special skill is speed, so players have to adjust their aim according to their speed.

The second weakness is that the Neon grenade skill can bounce and for beginners, this skill is relatively difficult to hit the enemy. If you're not careful, this skill can hit yourself and your teammates, giving a stun to the player who was hit by the grenade.

So, Neon players must be careful in using their grenade skills. Players must adapt to the kit owned by Neon in order to gain an advantage in the game.

Thus a brief discussion of Neon, its advantages and disadvantages. To top up Valorant Points, please visit VC Market by VCGamers! Many promos and cash back are available, you know!

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