BOOM Esports Champion of LCQ APAC, Qualifies for Champions 2022!

BOOM Esports LCQ APAC Champion

BOOM Esports recently won the Last Chance Qualifier Asia-Pacific or LCQ APAC VCT 2022. As Indonesia's representative team, BOOM Esports will play in the most prestigious Valorant tournament this year, namely Champions 2022.

BOOM Esports Valorant is a Valorant special division team from Indonesia. The entire roster is pro Valorant players from Indonesia and they recently won the LCQ APAC.

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BOOM Esports Becomes LCQ APAC Champion

BOOM Esports as LCQ APAC Champion
Photo of BOOM Esports Celebration After Winning LCQ APAC. Source: Twitter/boomesportsid

The LCQ APAC tournament is a tournament that gives one slot to play in the main VCT tournament, namely Champions 2022. As the name implies, LCQ APAC is the last chance for teams from Asia Pacific to take part in the Champions 2022.

There were three teams from Indonesia that participated in LCQ APAC, but only one champion was able to take part in Champions 2022. On August 7, 2022, BOOM Esports managed to beat ONIC Esports in the final match of LCQ APAC.

They beat ONIC Esports with a score of 3:1 and got a slot to compete in the 2022 Champions. Winning LCQ APAC means BOOM Esports will continue its journey in VCT 2022 to Champions 2022 and become Indonesia's representative team.

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Final Match against ONIC Esports

BOOM Esports LCQ APAC Champion
BOOM Esports Gathering Session Before The Final Map Begins. Source: Twitter/boomesportsid

BOOM Esports became the champion of LCQ APAC by defeating ONIC Esports. The first map, Bind, was won by BOOM Esports with a score of 13:10. Next, BOOM Esports won the second map, namely Haven with a fierce overtime score of 14:12.

By winning two maps in a row, BOOM Esports has a 2:0 lead. However, ONIC Esports won the third map, namely Fracture, with a score of 13:11.

Seeing that the LCQ APAC final match is bo5 or best of 5, if ONIC Esports wins the fourth map then the score will be 2:2. However, on the Icebox map, BOOM Esports was able to win the map with a score of 13:11 and eventually became the LCQ APAC 2022 champion.

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Representative of Indonesia in the 2022 Champions

BOOM Esports Qualifies for Champions 2022
BOOM Esports Officially Gets 2022 Champions Slot. Source: Twitter/ValorantEsports

According to Liquipedia, currently there are 11 teams that have slots to play in Champions 2022. One of these teams is BOOM Esports, the only team representing Indonesia.

Not only BOOM Esports, actually there are two Indonesian pro players who already have Champions 2022 slots. Mindfreak and f0rsakeN are two pro players from Indonesia who play for Paper Rex in VCT 2022.

So, currently there are a total of seven Indonesian players who will play in Champions 2022. BerserX, blaZek1ng, famouz, fl1pzjder, and Tehbotol are Indonesian pro players who play for BOOM Esports, plus Mindfreak and f0rsakeN who play for Paper Rex.

Valorant Champions 2022 schedule

Timeline of VCT 2022 Champions
According to the official timeline, Champions 2022 will be held in September. Source: VALORANT Esports

Valorant Champions 2022 will take place from September 2 to September 18. Currently, there are still 5 vacant slots for the North America, EMEA, East Asia and two South America regions.

With a total of 16 teams participating in Valorant Champions 2022, BOOM Esports will be the team that represents Indonesia in the most prestigious Valorant tournament this year.

So, Vicigers don't forget to support Indonesia's representatives in Valorant Champions 2022!

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