How to Get a Harbor Valorant Agent Quickly

Harbor Valorant

Riot Games introduces Harbor Valorant to the list of newest Agents in Episode 5 Act 3. The addition has a significant impact on the meta, as the game hasn't released a new agent since Episode 2.

Harbor Valorant comes with a lot of smoke utilities as its kit is the most versatile among Controllers. With that said, his ability doesn't deal any damage, unlike popular smoke agents like Brimstone and Viper. This makes him a passive Controller, similar to Astra or Omen.

Players may want to quickly open Harbor as it's been a week since its arrival. This guide will provide three quick and easy tips to get Varun Batra a little faster.

The Easy Way to Get Harbor Valorant

Until now, Valorant has five Controllers in play: Brimstone, Astra, Viper, Omen, and finally, Harbor. The Indian agent was teased long ago at the start of the Act through various official and unofficial posts.

Now with the presence of Varun Batra, players are interested in taking advantage of agents Valorant the. Following are three quick and easy ways to unlock Varun Batra:

Use VP To Buy It

Harbor Valorant
Harbor Valorant

The fastest way to unlock an Agent in Valorant is to pay for it through Valorant Points (VP). This is a microtransaction method as players have to pay to get Varun on the roster. Each level in the Agent contract costs $2 to buy it.

This agent must be locked in the fifth level. This means players have to spend $10 to unlock it. However, it can be done more cheaply if the player advances a few levels through the other game modes.

Complete Daily and Weekly Missions

Valorant Harbor Skill Reckoning
Ultimate Harbor Skills. YouTube/REVEN VALORANT

The fastest way to unlock Harbor Valorant is to focus on the daily challenges, which can be found in the main menu. Daily challenges give more than 5,000 XP per game. In particular, players can relate this to the normal challenges which are also listed in the same section.

These challenges usually consist of easy objectives like "kill the enemy with their weapons". Simple challenges like these can give you a lot of XP, which is important when filling out Agent contracts like Harbor.

Play More Spike Rush Modes

Skill Harbor Valorant
Harbor Valorant. Source: Forbes

The normal Competitive or Unrated games in Valorant take up a lot of time. While this mode can provide a lot of XP, it is not the ideal way to rack up points. For those of you who want to open and get a Harbor agent, you can use an easier method.

Spike rush and Deathmatch are the fastest game modes in terms of maintaining the time-to-XP ratio. Deathmatch takes no more than 10 minutes, while Spike Rush barely touches 20 minutes. Within an hour, players can earn a lot of XP and develop Harbor contracts.

These are some of the quickest and easiest ways players can unlock Harbor in Valorant. It's been over a week since Agents were introduced to the game. Without a good grind or payout, it would be impossible to get it this fast.

Most players are interested in opening the Harbor as it may become the most important Controller. Apart from these tricks, newbies can use the new Agent bonuses given to new accounts to unlock Agents.

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Harbor Valorant Skills

Harbor Valorant
Harbor Valorant Skills

The ability of this water-themed new Agent is indeed to fill the controller role. He has some interesting skills. Here is the explanation;

  • High Tide (E)) EQUIP a water wall. Hold down the fire button to guide the water towards the crosshair, through the world, spawning walls along the waterway. Alt fire while bending down to stop the water early. Affected players are slowed down
  • Cove (Q) EQUIP a water shield ball. Alt fire for bottom throw. On hitting the ground, spawns a water shield that blocks bullets.
  • Cascade (C) EQUIP a water wave. Use it to stop the wave from going any further. Affected players are slowed down.
  • Reckoning (X) EQUIP the full power of Artifacts. Enemy players in the area are subjected to successive geyser attacks. The player caught in the attack.

He's a fairly fluid Agent, which is probably a design goal for the Riot team as it relates to the water theme of the utility.

All of the kits can be used very quickly and without stopping your own movement, as is the case with other controllers such as Brimstone and Omen.

The Harbor's water wall, called High Tide, is its signature ability, and it is deployed in a similar manner to the Phoenix wall, with the player able to control its direction.

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You just hold E, then control the direction. The wall length allows for some pretty creative arcs around enemies.

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