3 Tips for Choosing a Valorant Agent, Beginners Must Read!

3 tips for choosing a Valorant agent that you should know are when choosing a duelist, controller, initiator and sentinel.
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Don't use agents carelessly, there are 3 tips for choosing an agent Valorant so as not to be wrong in playing this game.

Valorant has gained immense popularity since its release last year. The unique combination of unique agent abilities and gunplay separates tactical shooting games from FPS games other.

You need to be efficient with their weapons and their individual agent abilities to perform better in the match.

However, for some new players, it can be difficult to choose an agent. In this article, you will learn 3 tips on choosing a Valorant agent according to your playing style.

3 Tips for Choosing a Valorant Agent

Valorant currently has 16 agents. Each of these agents has unique abilities and a special role in the game. Based on their role, agents can be divided into three categories:

  • Duelist
  • Controllers
  • Initiators and Sentinels

When choosing a main agent, players must have a clear idea of the strongest and weakest points of their own playing style. This self-analysis will help them choose an agent that fits their comfort level.

Choose Duelists

Elite Agents
3 tips for choosing a Valorant agent

A duelist's role is to be on the front lines, removing shards and ensuring his team's safe entry into a site. Duelists must have extremely sharp aim and an aggressive playing style to fulfill their role efficiently.

If a player has all these qualities, he must choose the role of a duelist. Reyna, Phoenix, or Yoru can be the player's team's main duelist, or Raze or Jett can be the second duelist.


How to choose a Valorant agent

Controllers determine the speed of play using their abilities. They are the perfect support for their team. However, the use of these characters requires players to have the necessary knowledge and sense of the game.

If a player prefers a support role for their team, they should try agents such as Omen, Astra, Viper and Brimstone.

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Choose Initiator and Sentinel

Choice of Valorant Agents
How to choose a Valorant agent

The role of Initiators and Sentinels in Valorant is to gather information about opponents' positions so that their team can take control of a site. Some initiators can work as pseudo duelists as well by making use of their flashes.

Players with a keen sense of play and sharp aim can choose an agent such as Sova, Breach, Skye or KAY/O as their main agent.

The role of a guard in Valorant is to defend the site for their team and stop opponents from rotating when their team is on the attacking side. Guard players must be very patient to do their best in their role.

The guard agent has good defense skills as well as tracking abilities. There are currently three Sentinels in Valorant – Cypher, Killjoy, and Sage. Players can choose one of these agents according to the needs of their team.

Remember, to be a good Valorant player, it's important to know all the agents in the game and their abilities.

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Those were 3 tips for choosing a Valorant agent that you can apply in the game so you don't lose to other players.

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