What Is a Blob Peek in Valorant? Ways, Strengths, and Weaknesses

Blobs Peek Valorant

Ever heard of the term blob peek in Valorant? If you haven't, then that's normal. This is because the term is still new and currently viral on social media Tiktok.

It seems that the creativity of the Valorant players never runs out. The term then mushroomed and not a few players tried this technique.

Before trying it, it would be nice if you knew more about what a blob peek is in Valorant.

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Blob Peek in Valorant

Jett Valorant Skill Combination
A combination of Cloudburst and Blade Storm Jett Valorant.

After the trick named poppin swing, now comes another new trick called blob peek.

Seen from some of the Tiktok videos, in particular @blobtheboy, who demonstrates some blob peek tricks in his video.

From the name, we can see that blob peek is a way to peek, see, or even shoot enemies popularized by Blobtheboy.

But, what is a blob peek like in Valorant?

What's the Blob Peek like in Valorant?

Blobs Peek Valorant
Blobs Peek Valorant. Source: Tiktok Blobtheguy

To do a blob peek is actually very easy. Without complicated pressing, you can apply blob peek easily.

The trick is to just do a wide angle peek while crouching (control button). Yes, more or less like a crab walking slowly.

This blob peek trick is one of the ways in Valorant to fight good enemy crosshair placements.

Players can do one-tap by shooting directly at the enemy's head. This makes players aim their crosshair at the approximate location of the enemy's head later.

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Pros of Blob Peek

From the results of observations and sensations the writer tried the blob peek directly, there were three advantages.

First Strength – Enemy Crosshair Placement

Blobs Peek Valorant. Source: Tiktok Blobtheguy

Is to outwit the enemy's crosshair placement. For players with Gold to Radiant ranks, of course they are familiar with this.

Estimating the location of the enemy's head is a plus point for these players. But what they didn't expect was that with crouching, the location of the head when crouching would be similar to the waist-to-body position when standing.

Pros Two - Reduced Recoil

By shooting while crouching, the recoil of your weapon will decrease. This can be seen if you enable fixing errors. The crosshair when crouching is smaller than when standing.

In short, with a blob peek, you can shoot more precisely even while moving. To be more precise, you can stop moving and focus on shooting after seeing enemies.

Pros of the Three – Suitable For Ares and Odin

This is the right point for Ares-Odin User. By using heavy weapons, Ares and Odin, you don't need a precise pre-aim like Vandal or Phantom weapons.

As long as you blob peek, crouching while walking, the recoil of the two weapons will decrease. So you can "spray" enemies more easily. Don't worry, there's a lot of ammo.

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Disadvantages of Blob Peek

Every trick that has advantages, of course, also has disadvantages. After considering several things, the writer found two drawbacks of the blob peek.

First Weakness – Slow Movement

This is very clear. By crouching, the player's movements will be sluggish, even slower than walking.

Let's just say that the worst risk is when you do a blob peek, it turns out that there is more than one enemy, so the chance to escape is even more difficult. If you have given up, just spray and pray.

Weaknesses Two - Risk of being shot first

Blobs Peek Valorant
Blobs Peek Valorant. Source: Tiktok Blobtheboy

This is also unavoidable from blob peek. When you walk while crouching, the enemy can see you faster in a split second. The reason is quite clear, namely the legs and shoulders.

When walking slowly, even though you can't see the enemy yet, that doesn't mean the enemy can't see you. It could be that when the enemy sees movement, the enemy is getting ready. Especially if the enemy uses a Sniper like Marshal or Operator.

Even though this can be tricked by choosing a location, such as window and heaven on Map Haven, it can still benefit the enemy even if it's only for a fraction of a second.

That's the summary of the blob peek on Valorant. All tricks must have advantages and disadvantages of each. What you need are not only tricks, but also good instincts and skills. Interested in trying it?

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