Is Tiny the Easiest Core Hero in Dota 2?

Hero dota 2 Tiny

Being a Core or Carry in Dota 2 is the most important and the most difficult thing. But, do you believe that the easiest Hero Core in Dota 2 is Tiny? Then, why can Tiny get the title?

Let's peel thoroughly the facts here!

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Tiny, the Stone Giant

Hero dota 2 Tiny
Skin Hero Dota 2 Tiny The Perennial Giant.

You can also call Tiny a Golem, which is made of a collection of stones stuck together. Yes, the shape is like a golem, think like a big human.

According to his Lore, Tiny is a Stone Golem who travels the world tirelessly searching for his bloodline. During his journey, Tiny will grow big and will always grow.

For those of you who have followed the Dota game from the start, it's time to join Warcraft (Dota Allstar), Tiny has become very iconic. In fact, not much has changed from this one hero when migrating to Dota 2.

In the game, lots of players use Tiny. Starting from Rank Herald, Archon, Radiant, to Pro Player The International (IT) 11, all play Tiny.

By role, Tiny is a natural Carry, utilizing basic attacks with very painful DPH (Damage Per Hit). Tiny can occupy Safelaner, Offlaner, up to Post 4 Support.

How could Tiny be a natural carry? What made Tiny become like this? And is it true that Tiny is very easy to play as Core? Here's the answer!

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Dota 2 Tiny Hero Skills

Hero dota 2 Tiny
Dota 2 Tiny: Tiny vs Girls posters.

Before explaining the reason, the writer wants to remind you of all of Tiny's skills.

First skills named Avalanche. Tiny will make a kind of AoE hack of rocks. Gives 75/150/225/300 magic damage with mini stun five times.

The damage will be doubled when the enemy is being Tossed. Consumes 120 Mana.

Hero dota 2 TinyToss is second skills from Tiny. will throw the enemy or friend closest to him into the air. Gives 75/150/225/300 magic damage with a range of 110-140 Mana.


Hero dota 2 TinyThird is Tree Grab. Tiny will take a tree which will give a bonus +350 attack range, 40%/55%/70%/100% physical damage. Also, Tiny gets a buff in the form of splash (cleave) for five times.


Tiny can also attack Buildings while using this skill with a lower damage percentage. Which is needed as much as 40 Mana.

Besides picking up trees, Tiny can also throw them with Tree Throw, throwing a tree at the target unit. Deals the same damage percentage as Tree Grab with additional Move Speed & Attack Speed slow to enemies.


Additional skills from Aghanim's Scepter is Tree Volley. Tiny will throw any trees around him (about 6 trees). Deals the same damage as Tiny's attack damage


ultimate from tiny is skills passive named grow. In form, Tiny will grow bigger, accompanied by bonuses attack damage, armor, Toss damage, to Tree Grab. But Tiny had to lose Attack Speed 30%


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The reason Hero Tiny Becomes the Easiest Core in Dota 2

Tiny DOTA 2 hero counters
Tiny from Dota 2.

The author has used Tiny several times if he gets the Core (Carry) role. So, the reasons given by this writer are not just theoretical research results, but also based on playing experience.

Easy Combo Skills

Considering Tiny only has two active skills, Avalanche and Toss, that's the only combo. The sequence is Toss > Avalanche > Basic Attack. As stated above, the damage from Avalanche will be doubled if the enemy is being hit by Toss.

If you assume Toss Level 4 (300 Damage) + Avalanche level 4 (300 Damage), you can give 900 magic damage! Not to mention the additional Basic Attack when using Tree Grab.

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Natural Tanker and Battle Fury

Hero dota 2 Tiny
Display of Grow Hero Dota 2 Tiny Skills. Source: VCGamers.

Yes, his big body makes Tiny get bonus armor. The bigger Tiny, the thicker. So Tiny can fortify the enemy with himself.

Meanwhile, the meaning of Battle Fury is that Tree Grab Tiny gives a Splash effect, similar to cleave. The difference is from the shape of the area and also a little damage calculation. Conceptually, the same.

But according to the description dota2fandom, if you buy Battle Fury, then cleave will be stacked. But it's a bit of a loss. With 4100 gold, you can buy Echo Saber or other Attack Speed items.

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BKB? No. Worry

Hero dota 2 Tiny
Display Skill Tree Volley Hero Dota 2 Tiny. Source: VCGamers.



Yes, as a core hero, you really shouldn't rely too much on skills. Because if the enemy buys BKB (Black King Bar), you just become an ordinary hero.

Tiny was created by Valve as a basic attack dealer, just like Troll Warlord and Naga Siren. Basic attacks are not affected by BKB. However, these two heroes only have attack speed, they need Item Damage.

In contrast, Tiny already has enormous damage and requires attack speed. You can buy Hyperstone or Moonshard or Echo Saber items. After that, you can make damage items.

Correct if I'm wrong, based on the author's knowledge, the price of item attack speed is cheaper when compared to item damage.

So if you can't use Avalanche and Toss on the enemy, just beat them to death. Easy, right?

Conclusion: Is Tiny Hero Core Dota 2 The Easiest?

Hero dota 2 Tiny
Hero Dota 2 Tiny Skin Ancient Ruins.

From the explanation above, the writer can say that Tiny is the easiest core hero in Dota 2. Apart from his only two skills, cleave and tanker are natural, and he can only punch.

Actually there are still many easy Dota 2 Core or Carry Heroes, such as Ursa, Wraith King, Slark, and Troll Warlord. But in terms of ease of skill and damage, Tiny is still relatively easy.

Are you interested in using Tiny?

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