Dictionary of Attack Damage Terms in the Game

The term Attack Damage

Lovers games action, RPGs, FPS, or other games, of course you really understand what that is attack and Damage. But do you know all the attack/damage terms in the game?

in language, attack Derived from English which means "attack". Whereas damage Derived from English which means "damage".

Both terms are causation, an action that injures the enemy. If you get hit attacks, you will get damage.

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The term Attack Damage in the Game

The terms Attack and Damage
Charge Attack Ganyu Genshin Impact. Source: VCGamers

This time, we have collected various terms attacks and damage which is very common and mandatory for you to know.

This term is the result of various kinds of research games popular and also the author's experience. Although in some games Each has its own terms, but it can be said that the terms below appear very often.

What are the contents? Just read it right away.

The term Attack Damage: Basic Attack

Basic attacks is a character's basic attack. All the first attacks a character takes, without buffs or debuffs, are basic attack

Physical Attack

Physical attacks is the designation for attacks that use physical. This attack can take the form of punches, knives, swords, arrows, and other objects that can injure or damage the body directly. 

attack pphysical attack will produce physical damage. The amount of damage can be reduced if the enemy uses armor.

Magic Attack / Spell Attack

Different from physical attacks, mmagic, magical, or spells attacks is the term for all attacks that use magic. 

Magic attack in some games like Dota 2 characterized by an attack using a stick or magic abilities. Attack magic attacks can be reduced if the enemy has magic armor or magic resistance.

This attack also includes certain skills or powers that consume Mana or Mana Power (MP). If HP is the point that shows Health, the health number, MP is the point that shows the power to issue skills.

The term Pure Attack / Pure Damage

Pure attacks or true attack is any type of attack that can injure the enemy in full, unaffected Armor or resistance other. 

This attack is the most painful type of attack and causes pure damage.

Lifesteal Attack

Lifesteal attack is an attack that can add a number of HP after successfully injuring the enemy. Like Dracula sucking blood, only it's in the game.

Piercing Attack

Piercing attacks or peffective attack is the designation for weapons that can penetrate armor or enemy defense. With the attack, total damage received is not too reduced or even the same as it should be.

Melee Attack

Melee attack is a melee attack type. Usually the characters using Melee Attack attack with swords, knives, daggers, maces, or even punches.

Ranged Attack

as the name suggests, Ranged Attack is a ranged attack type. Characters belonging to this type of attack are usually depicted using projectiles (arrows, weapons chopsticks, firearms), throwing things, and using magic.

Attack Skills

Attack Skills or Attack Skills is the attack ability of a character.  This attack is different from the Basic Attack because it involves certain conditions.

Examples include using mana points or reducing health points, before or after being attacked by enemies. Skill Attack can deal greater damage than Basic Attack with a certain cooldown.

Term attack Damage: Charge Attack

Charge attack is a type of attack that can give a large effect or damage with a certain time. As the name suggests, charge, which means "fill", makes the character "charge" the attack within a certain time.

Like like kamehameha belongs to Goku which takes time for the attacks to get stronger. That way, the longer you hold back the attack, the greater the damage dealt.

Special/Ultimate Attacks

Special Attacks or Ultimate Attack is the ultimate move of a character. Often the players abbreviate it as "SS" or "Ulti".

Compared with Attack Skills, Special Attacks can provide damage which is even bigger but with conditions and cooldown the greater one.

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Counter Attack

The terms Attack and Damage
Yu-Gi-Oh Cards Mirror Force Counter Attack. Source: Yugipedia.

Counter attacks like a boomerang, it can return damage received by the enemy.  damage what is returned depends on the abilities possessed by the enemy, it can be only a little, half, 100%, or even more.

Critical Strike

This type can be said "luck”.  Critical Strike is an attack that can deliver damage which is many times the amount damage should. 

Called luck because this attack cannot be issued every time, sometimes some games make a percentage of the probability of getting critical attacks.

Term attack Damage: Attack Speed

Attack Speed refers to attack speed. The bigger the quantity attack speed belongs to a character, then the character's attack will be faster.

Break Attack or Reduction attack

This type of attack aims to damage or reduce certain conditions belonging to the enemy. Let's just say that the enemy gets a type attack Break Attack / Reduction Attack, then amount armor, movespeed, magic resistance, or other conditions may decrease or even disappear.

Disarm Attack

Term Disarm Attack used for attacks that can disarm the enemy, rendering them unable to attack.  Disarm Attack can be in the form of dropping weapons, giving the effect of not being able to attack, or even destroying enemy weapons.

Term attack Damage: Stun Attack

The essence of stun attacks is to give an attack that can make the enemy pause. This effect can interrupt the enemy for some time. Can also be associated with control attacks.  This term is familiar to MOBA players like Mobile Legends or Dota 2.

Damage per Second

Damage per Second (DoS) is a type of attack that damageis calculated in seconds. Usually Damage per Second can be influenced by attack speed, makes attacks faster and delivers damage more in seconds.

Area of Effect

Area of Effect AoE) is an attack that you can take out somewhere. Usually AoE takes the form of a special place or path. This attack is usually followed by another status until its size increases

Damage over Time

The terms Attack and Damage
Skill Attack 1 X-Borg Damage over Time. Source: Mobile Legends Wiki.

Damage over Time (DoT) at first glance is similar to DoS, but the mention of DoT is used for the effect after the attack. Enemies hit by this attack will be hit damage for some time. Usually attacks are included Dot is an attack that gives the effect of poison and burns.

For example, X-Borg's first skill in Mobile Legends can damage enemies for some time afterward.

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Damage per Hit

Damage per Hit (DpH) is the damage received per each attack. All action games must have this term, because it counts per attack done. 

This term is commonly used to define attacks with intervals old one, but has such great damage inside games World of Tanks or World of Warship.

Term attack Damage: Dealer Damage

It's better to keep using English, because if it is translated it becomes "damage giver". Actually there is nothing wrong with the meaning, but specifically this term is used to refer to characters who can give damage the biggest of the team.

Burst Damage

Burst Damage is a term to describe a large amount of damage in a very short time. Often this term is used in spells or magic attacks. To get it out, it usually takes sacrifices like where or MOBILE PHONE which is a lot.

Crowd Control

This is version stun attacks wider. If in one attack can deliver debuffs or stun to more than one enemy, then the attack can be called crow control.

Term attack Damage: KO

The terms Attack and Damage
KO Attack on Street Fighter. Source: Capcom.

Ever heard of the term "One-hit KO!”? knockout or Knock Out is the term for an enemy who loses after receiving an attack. Can also be known by the term Knock Down. Usually this term is known inside games fight like Tekken, Street Fighter, and others.

Status in terms of Attack Damage

After knowing the term and type of attack and damage, there is an additional status, as an effect of the attack. There are many statuses, depending on the game. Here are some of them:

  • Stun / Stunned: In the form of an effect like dizziness, can't do anything.
  • Knockback: Effect in the form of a push back.
  • Disarm: An effect that makes the enemy unable to attack or use basic attacks.
  • Sleep : Puts the enemy to sleep.
  • Rooted : Makes the enemy bound, unable to move, but still able to attack.
  • Stoned: Status that makes the enemy petrified. Usually he has to move a lot to be free.
  • Paralyzed: Status as electrocuted. Interrupts the enemy while attacking.
  • Freeze / Freezing : Freezing status due to an attack of ice or something cold, can't do anything.
  • Curse / Cursed: Status of the curse, blood sacrifice usually occurs so that the enemy dies faster.
  • Poisoned: Poisoning the enemy, making the enemy's health decrease every move or second.
  • Muted : Synonymous with not being able to use an item for a certain amount of time.
  • Blind / Flashed : gives a dazzling or very dark status, making the view disturbed.
  • Bleeding : Enemies bleed continuously when walking.
  • Hex : Turns the enemy into something (animal).
  • Silence / Silenced : A status that makes the enemy unable to cast skills.
  • Taunt / Taunted: A status that makes the enemy focus and wants to attack you.
  • Break: A status that indicates the enemy's armor is destroyed in some time.
  • Daze / Concuss : Makes the enemy dizzy, impaired vision, but can still attack.
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Those are the terms attack and damage which are very common and you must know. If you feel there are other terms that are interesting or have deficiencies, please fill them in in the comments column. Enjoy playing~

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