5 Best PC Action RPG Games To Play 2022

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Action RPG games are one of the most popular game genres on PC due to their highly interactive nature. In 2022, there are five games of this genre that are worth playing.

Action RPG game (often shortened to action RPG or ARPG) is a subgenre of video games that combines core elements of the action game and action game genres.

These games emphasize real-time combat where the player has direct control over the character as opposed to turn-based or menu-based combat while keeping the focus on a character's Statistics to determine relative strength and abilities.

In this article, VCGamers will feature the 5 best action RPG games to play on PC in 2022.

List of the Best PC Action RPG Games

Below are five of the best games that you can play with exciting adventurers while playing on PC.

Elden Rings

action RPG games
The Elden Ring game is one of the best RPG games

Elden Ring, while not perfect, is the best implementation of an open world action RPG I've ever played. It feels like the culmination of every iteration of FromSoft's 'Souls' games into one truly breathtaking experience full of intrigue, struggle, and eventual triumph.

FromSoft did not make Dark Souls 4. This game is Dark Souls 4, 5 and 6 all in one. The game's massiveness and open world sections don't feel like an attempt to round out the game (like most open world games do). 

Elden Ring has various mini dungeons/secrets hidden in every corner of the map. It's your advantage to scout these locations to find rare materials and unique weaponry that may or may not change your playstyle altogether.

The open world feels like there's always something waiting to be discovered, like powerful enemies dropping unique weapon arts (ashes of war) or NPCs standing around waiting to offer you quests.

With the introduction of the day/night cycle, there are even some bosses that only appear at night in certain locations waiting to ambush you, but also offering unique drops.

Grim Dawn

action RPG games
the best action RPG game is Grim Dawn

Grim Dawn is an ARPG very similar in style to Diablo 2, Torchlight, and Titan Quest. What really sets this game apart from other ARPGs on the market is the huge amount of customization available to players.

The class system works by combining two masteries on one character. Each mastery has its own skill tree and is suited to a particular play style. 

For example, mastering Nightblade is suitable for a dual-wielding melee playstyle, while Arcanist is suitable for a more traditional caster playstyle.

If you choose both classes at once, your class will become a Spellbreaker and you will have access to the Nightblade and Arcanist skill trees simultaneously.

Each mastery has a certain amount of overlap with the others, so it's possible to create the caster's character even if one mastery is better suited for melee.

As of the latest expansion, there are 36 class combinations available and all classes have at least one (if not more) decent endgame builds.

Tales of Arise

Tales of Arise
Tales of Arise is the best ARPG game

Tales of Arise no longer targets PS3 as its main platform, so its overall presentation is very far from its predecessors. 

Overall, this is a very good ARPG for those of you who have never touched the franchise. Tales of Arise explains all mechanics and no mind-numbing complex systems to spoil your experience. Most of Tales of Arise stands alone in terms of story, so you won't be spoiling yourself.

Monster Hunter: World

Monster Hunter: World
Monster Hunter: World is the best ARPG game

In Monster Hunter: World, you hunt monsters, collect resources and craft new equipment to hunt stronger monsters to get better equipment. There it is, a very simple formula, but the gameplay is absolutely outstanding. 

Hunting is not as simple as it sounds. First you need to track down the monster by finding its tracks which can take a while if the monster is completely new to you.

There are many weapons to choose from and you need to learn about the weapon you choose because they are all different and can completely change your play style.

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Monster Hunter: World
Warframe is the best PC game (Source: Steam)

Warframes are MMOs, co-op, third-person shooter, which takes place in our own solar system, at a very distant point in time, where two major factions vied for control after a great war.

Players take on the role of Tenno, an ancient warrior now needed more than ever to maintain balance in the universe and protect the innocents from the new war they are facing.

The Tenno operate the titular Warframe, a battlesuit of immense combat prowess, agility, and space magic.

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You will also be provided with Mods, which you can equip equipment to change various in-game stats.

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