The 8 Most Exciting Free Guy Games of 2023

free guy games

Over the years, there have been many film adaptations video games. One of them is adapted from Free Guy Game.

Not many filmmakers directly incorporate video games into stories and themes.

Although they didn't abandon the idea and have continued to do so with some very successful adaptations. Examples are Ready Player One and the latest Free Guy.

Free guy depicts a non-playable character or NPCs named Guy who spends his days in a game called Free City.

Before realizing that the world he lives in is a video game.

Free Guy contains many references to video games in the real world that appear briefly or openly, just like video game themed films.

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Recommended 8 Most Exciting Free Guy Games

Free Guy Reference games these, we summarize in this article into several points, stay tuned.


free guy games

Fortnite become one of the most exciting Free Guy games. Starting from the jumping scene to the use of Gliders when the mysterious man and woman escape. The rainbow pickaxe, a rare item in Fortnite, is the most obvious.

Grand Theft Auto V or Red Dead Dedication Online

free guy games

Grand Theft Auto V or Red Dead Redemption Online became the theme of the video game Free City from the start of the film's promotion. Free Guy is based on a game.

The game player can own the house, rob and then level up so that he has the desired level on failure. Guns, bank robbery missions and cool side missions like scavenging cats were added to the movie.

In one session, the audience will see a garage just like Grand Theft Auto V Online. A horse that is used as a reference for Red Dead Redemption 2 online is placed in one of the garages.

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Megaman or Rockman 

free guy games

Presence Megaman or Rockman as a reference in this film will make older players think that free boy is very familiar. He appeared when a panicked man saved the mysterious woman he was following when he was confronted by an enemy.

Guy eventually defeats Megabuster, Megaman, and Rockman's main weapon, near the end of his rescue. You should try playing this Free Guy game.


free guy games

Halfway through filming, the production house placed a few Easter eggs that users might recognize Hello. One of them is the existence of a scorpion tank that ran over a car next to pedestrians who were walking casually.


free guy games

In the middle of the story, the man is on a mission to steal a hard drive containing important free male secondary character information. The hard drive is a yellow hologram.

You who have keen eyes will see Pacman that chases the ghost on its hard drive when you unplug it for the first time, exactly the same as the original Bandai Namco game. In the second session, unfortunately he is not shown explicitly.

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Video game streamers 

free guy games

Jacksepticeye, Pokimane, Dantdm, to Ninja who took part in the casting, then discussed topics in the film to comment on the guy's greatness.

When a man follows a mysterious woman who catches his eye and discovers that the woman is on an infiltration mission in a building.


free guy games

When reference portal appears, he then takes out a Portal Gun and fires it to escape, but his whereabouts are later discovered by guards. You should try this Free Guy game.

Super Mario

free guy games

Super Mario isn't a video game film if it doesn't refer to super Mario Bros, sadly this reference appears in the form of an easter egg.

One of the characters, key, is an employee of the company that owns the game the movie is being made on.

If you pay attention, you will see that Toad The Mushroom, one of the characters from Super Mario Bros, perched on the main workbench.

Those are some of the Free Guy games that appear in the Free Guy movie, all of the games are fun and challenging, you should try to play them.

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Of course, you already know the games above. In fact, maybe you have also watched the films on the list.

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