Development of Computer Games: Best Games Made by College Students

There is a list of the best computer games that can be found easily. This is in line with the presence of various game developers in all corners of the world.

This time we will review computer games made by students. Because, there are many students who have succeeded in making a number of computer games in the midst of their busy campus life.

We all know that computer games welcome players to fantasy and fictional worlds where they interact with fictional characters.

But it takes a tremendous amount of patience, talent, time and attention to detail to develop one.

But this can be passed by a number of these students. So, this should be appreciated.

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Best Game Recommendations Made by Students

There are a number of popular interesting computer games that are made by students. Here's the list:


Source: Steam

One of the best computer games on this list is Spacewar. This game was developed by Wayne Wiitaneon, Stephen Russel, and Martin Graetz while they were students at MIT.

This earliest computer game concept did not feature gravity mechanics. So a grad student added it and created a constraint feature for users, making it a popular video game.

Despite the time-consuming and arduous task of getting good grades for college education, many students have found success in game development.

The ideas may seem big, but they take time to put into practice.

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Best Computer Game Portal
Source: Steam

In 2006, some DigiPen University students developed and uploaded video games called Narbacular Drop which is very similar to the video game Portal to their website.

It didn't happen by accident. Rather, they are the same students who developed the Portal in the same year. They simultaneously worked on both computer projects.

Although the gameplay of both Narbacular Drop and Portal is the same, the perspectives and settings are very different. 

Narbacular Drop involves a setting in which the player needs to control the movements of a princess and solve puzzles. Meanwhile, Portal's camera depicts a first-person view through futuristic firearms.


The Best Game Made by Ultima Students
Source: YouTube

Ultima is a tabletop game developed by students at The University of Texas, Richard Garriot and Ken Arnold, in the 1980s. Richard Garriot initiated the development, and Ken Arnold completed it.

It took them less than a year to develop this very popular role-playing video game.

Today, you can find many games that have the same gameplay as this video game concept.

The player controls the hero on a mission to kill a wizard, the standard game ever played by early computer enthusiasts

Players must find monsters to fight and dungeons to explore.

In addition, they can also buy a spaceship if they have the gold to buy it. This is a game where science fiction meets fantasy world.


The Best Computer Game Made by Octodad Students
Source: Steam

Octodad was designed by students at DePaul University and was first released in 2011 as freeware. This is games physics-based, tells about the octopus father in the business suite. He had a human wife and two human children.

This game is about his struggle to keep his taxonomy a secret from them through a finicky control system.

The student developers later formed Young Horse Inc., a video game studio, and released a sequel known as Octodad: Dadliest Catch.

The control system is deliberately made fussy by the students. Such a control system makes mundane tasks like grocery shopping or cleaning the yard into grueling adventures for players.


The Best Computer Game Made by Student Arid
Source: Steam

Arid is a survival game created by Berkeley University students. This game tells all about an airplane pilot who lands in the fantasy desert of South America known as the Atacama Desert.

The gameplay is centered around the desert, which lacks moisture in the earth. Players must avoid dehydration and sunburn during the day and scavengers at night.

The constant struggle for resources makes the game challenging and addicting.

Finally, they must find hidden items, shelters, and stories left behind by those who dared to live in the world's most remote locations.

It's hard to imagine that this impressive and fantastic game was made by students.


Source: Steam

Wizardry was developed by Andrew Greenberg and Robert Woodhead, students at Cornell University. This video game is rich in customization and characters.

Unlike other video games, Wizardry focuses less on player freedom and exploration. 

In each party, players will be given six characters with their respective attributes and classes.

Players must complete the game by balancing party skills to retrieve the amulet from the dungeon. 

Wizardry was a very successful game in Japan. The series pioneered JRPG. The modern mechanics, the likes of which include party customization and combat, started with this computer game.

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Wrapping Up

Students can become creative thinkers and doers when they optimize their talents.

Although college can be stressful and busy, students can use their intelligence to create new modes of entertainment.

This has proven to work well for many students including in terms of making the best computer games. You can do it too.

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