7 games that can be fun but the best offline on Android

Playing games with friends is definitely fun. Then, is there a game that can play but offline?

Currently, there are millions of games on the Play Store that you can play, both online and offline. 

If you are looking for a game that can be fun but offline, then we will recommend the following 7 offline games.

However, to be able to play with friends, some of the following games require a portable hotspot network. So, when playing the game you have to turn off cellular data on your cellphone first.

Without further ado, here are 7 games that can be fun but offline:


Games that can be fun but offline
BombSquad. Source: Play Store

The first game you can try is BombSquad. BombSquad itself is a competitive game that you can play alone or with your friends. 

As the name implies, BombSquad allows you to play with a maximum capacity of up to 8 people. The way to play is also quite easy, you only need to use a portable hotspot network. 

Later the 8 players will be divided into 2 teams, which are divided into red and blue teams. 

Then the red and blue teams will fight each other by throwing bombs so that they destroy each other and the last remaining color will be the winner of the game.

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Metal Slugs 3

Games that can be fun but offline
Metal Slug 3. Source: Play Store

Game Metal Slug 3 is a 2D side scrolling shooting game, where you will shoot and avoid enemy fire. 

Meta Slug has been popular since the 2000s, so it's no wonder that there are many fans of this game.

To be able to play with friends, you need to make cellphones connected to each other using Bluetooth.


Games that can be fun but offline
Minecraft. Source: Play Store

On this list, maybe almost everyone is familiar with the game Minecraft. Minecraft itself is a simulation game that can be played online and offline. 

In this game, you can do many things, from building, farming, cooking, fishing and other things. 

If you want to play Minecraft offline with your friends, then you need to turn on a portable hotspot network.

After that, you have to enter the game first, and then be followed by your other friends.

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Games that can be fun but offline
Dual. Source: Play Store

If you've played Hago before, then Dual also has a lot of games, the same as Hago.

In the game Dual you can choose different types of games to play with friends.

The way to be able to play with friends is also quite easy, you only need a Bluetooth connection. Apart from that, you can also use a portable hotspot network.

SeaBattle 2

Games that can be fun but offline
Sea Battle 2. Source: Play Store

Did you play Battleship when you were little? If so, then you will feel nostalgic when playing this game. 

In this game, you can put several ships on the board, and then they will take turns shooting missiles. 

To determine the winner of Sea Battle 2 is quite easy, namely when one of the players has lost all of his ships. 

You can play this game with friends by connecting bluetooth.

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Doodle Army 2: Mini Militia

Doodle Army 2
Doodle Army 2: Mini Militia. Source: Play Store

Doodle Army 2 is a combat multiplayer game that you can play with your friends, because this game can be played by 6 to 12 people with a portable hotspot network.

You have to fight against your friends in this game. You will be given a variety of weapons that can be used in the game.


bounden. Source: Play Store

The game that can be fun but the last offline is Bounden. This game allows you to play with your friends from just 1 cellphone.

Where later you and your friends will hold one end of the cellphone, then move while guiding the dots that appear to stay in the middle. 

Of course, games like this are perfect for you to play to fill your spare time with friends.

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Thus our discussion of games that can be played but offline. Of the 7 games above, which game will you download to play with friends?

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