5 Best AOV Heroes for Beginners, Easy to Use!

AOV heroes

If you are a beginner in the game Arena of Valor (AOV), it's a good idea to use some easy-to-use AOV heroes.

The best AOV heroes right now have changed a lot from when Alice dominated the support zone and Quillen divided the main and mid lane. Like most MOBA games, the strength of this hero character depends on the user.

Every hero in the Arena of Valor game can be the same and depends on the gameplay. However, because the heroes in this game have support, switching powers can be more painful. 

Currently AOV has released more than 100 unique heroes for players. AOV heroes can also team up for unique and painful interactions. 

As a beginner, you need to use an AOV hero that is easy to use as we recommend below.

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List of AOV Heroes for Beginners 

After knowing that the heroes in this game are the same as in other MOBA games, you only need to use AOV heroes that are easy to use. 


Hero Arena of Valor – Veera. Source: Youtube/Arena of Valor.

Veera is a Mage-type hero with a good skill package. Apart from having the ability to deal damage to enemies with the best skill, you can also provide crowd control with skill 2.

For those who like the hero mage genre, you must try Veera. Veera can do a lot of damage to enemies, especially when combined with the right materials. 

Recommended items have high magic attack and magic. If you learn this hero skill accompanied by the right things, Veera will become a deadly hero.


Hero Arena of Valor – Thane: Source: Youtube/Garena AOV Indonesia.

Thane for those who like tank type heroes. Thane's powerless ability to heal while dying. Thane also has an AOE (Area of ​​​​Effect) skill which gives a slow effect. 

The skill can be used to start team fights. So, while Thane focuses on his skills, other players can focus on killing enemies.

When Thane's HP drops below 30 percent, he can recover 24 percent of his maximum HP for 4 seconds. Also provides a 25 percent damage reduction when active with a cooldown of 75 seconds.


Hero Arena of Valor – Yorn: Source: Youtube/Arena of Valor.

Since the beginning of the AOV game, Yorn has become a hero that beginners often choose. As a ring-type hero, Yorn has a painful range of attacks and bursts. 

Yorn's melee skill allows this hero to shoot more than one arrow after hitting this skill. Yorn's ultimate skill can be fired from a distance, perfect for escaping or chasing fast-moving enemies.

This hero is really not bad and very often chooses high ranks and even professional fire. The weakness of this hero is that even though it deals great damage, Yorn doesn't have escape skills and is weak against gank attacks.

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Hero Arena of Valor – Maloch. Source: Youtube: AoV VO Archive.

The next recommended AOV hero for beginners is Maloch. You could say the skill of this hero is easy to learn. Even though it's mostly used as support, it doesn't mean that if it's used as a DS laner it'll be slow. 

This hero is strong against soft expert heroes like Zuka. Because Zuka couldn't kill Maloch outright. 

In addition, good damage makes it suitable against tough heroes. The DS Lane tank can be entered as Mina from Maloch's defense. 


Hero Arena of Valor – Omen. Source: Arena of Valor Wiki.

Besides Mina, you can use Omen. A famous hero with damage that can last a long time. With good damage, Omen is also strong against advancing tanks. 

Combined with his attack speed, he can quickly destroy towers. With the advantages of explosive fragmentation and continuity, Omen also has a weakness. 

The downside is that you have to be smart enough to know their role in battle. Because Omen himself is easily defeated by heroes like archers and mages.

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