Mobile Legends Update 1.6.84: Hero and Battlefield Adjustment

Update Mobile Legends 1.6.84 is the latest patch coming in June 2022. Moonton has again revamped several heroes.
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Many changes and adjustments in the update Mobile Legends 1.6.84. Where there will be adjustments to the newest hero and battlefield. Not only that, there are also new heroes.

After including a large number of Revamped Heroes through the last few Updates on the Advanced Server in Mobile Legends, which includes the likes of Leomord, Vexana, Akai, and Faramis.

With the arrival of the current Mobile Legends 1.6.84 update, we're seeing some Hero adjustments, new skins for upcoming events, and more. Let's explore it in detail.

Update Mobile Legends 1.6.84: Hero Adjustments

In addition to the release of new fighter mage Julian, many forgotten heroes in the current meta such as Irithel, Thamuz, and Nana have been tweaked to give them a chance to shine.

In addition, several heroes considered overpowered in the current meta, such as Beatrix and Baxia, were slightly nerfed ahead of the 2022 MLBB Southeast Asia Cup on June 11. Here's everything you need to know about the Mobile Legends 1.6.84 update.

Julian (Nerfed)

Update Mobile Legends 1.6.84

The developers slightly reduced the damage of Julian's improved Skills 2 and 3, while partially reverting the reduced forward swing from the previous patch.

Irithel (Nerfed)

Update Mobile Legends 1.6.84

The developer further lowers Irithel's explosive potential when her Ultimate drops. Compared to other MM heroes, Irithel is the most talented.

This hero does not only rely on damage and has the ability to attack at high speed. This hero also has a good escape mechanism. Not only that, Irithel also has the ability to control those who scare them.

As Lesley and Miya mentioned before, Irithel as an MM hero really needs things that can add damage and attack speed to dominate the game. This means that you don't have to worry about them if your choice is specific to these two aspects.

Akai (Nerfed)

Update Mobile Legends 1.6.84

Akai is slightly better with his chain control combo. Players lower early game damage to keep it around the balance line.

Nana (Nerfed)

my item Build Nana is sick

Developers need more time to validate Nana's adjustments in the Mobile Legends 1.6.84 update. Thus, they ignored most of the previous changes and only partially retained the buff on Skill 1. They will try to adjust and optimize this hero in the future.

Cecilion (Nerfed)

Update Mobile Legends 1.6.84

Cecilion had overshadowed other Mages with his incredible damage and sustain. Hence, his innate defensive power was cut off.

In a way, Cecilion is a strong hero from the early game to the late game. Each of Cecilion's attacks will continue to double throughout the game. Make sure you add trays until they are the largest.

Cecilion summons a bat to attack the enemy and deals 110-260 (+ 80 percent of total magic power) (+ 5 percent of total mana) magic damage to the attacking enemy.

The giant bat stays in the attack area, then returns and attacks the enemy with 220-520 (+160 total magic power) magic damage (+10 percent of total mana).

This skill may still be spam, but with the condition that mana consumption increases 1.8 times per attack (maximum increase of four times).

This mana consumption increase effect lasts for 6 seconds. With this extra skill, Cecilion gets a 30 percent increase in movement speed after 1 second.

Beatrice (Buffed)

Update Mobile Legends 1.6.84

A bit of power added back to Beatrix's basic attacks. Beatrix's weapons are divided into 4 namely Renner, Bennet, Wesker and Nibiru. These four tools have different ammunition and can be used as a combination of skills.

When Beatrix first appeared on the public server in March 2021, she was one of the repression heroes who was always banned from playing in Mobile Legends Rank mode.

Grock (Buffed)

Update Mobile Legends 1.6.84

More power is returned to Ultimate Grock to help him get back to the playground. Grock has the Passive Ancestral Gift skill, which is being able to use towers and walls to get additional movement speed.

Grock is also able to create a blockade wall with his Guardian's Barrier. With the right tactics, it is very easy for Grock to create many valuable opportunities for the team.

Wanwan (Nerfed)

Update Mobile Legends 1.6.84

Since the last optimization, more and more players have mastered Wanwan. He might have gone up too much in damage in the Mobile Legends 1.6.84 update. He's a little nerfed, wrt his damage to overcome it.

Wanwan activates her arrows and continues shooting at her opponent, with each arrow dealing physical damage. This arrow or Tang can only be cast on an opponent whose entire weakness is affected.

Wanwan is able to issue an explosion and remove all CC effects that hit her, as well as cause greater damage to the surrounding enemy hero explosions.

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Lylia (Nerfed)

Counter Dyrroth 1vs1

Skill control power 1 Lylia being cut down. He had to aim more carefully when spamming his Shadow Energy.

This hero can detonate particles with an attacking effect that can attack any opponent in the area. That's why Lylia is just as good as a hero as a damage dealer during group battles, and of course you can use this option as a mage user in Mobile Legends.

Unfortunately, Lylia found it very difficult to block the enemy's movements. Because it doesn't have crowd control effects like stun or knocking. The only effect it has on crowd control is slow. The slow effect alone is not enough to stop the enemy from moving.

Mobile Legends Update 1.6.84: Battlefield Adjustment



Adjustments reverted to mid-lane minion waves. Minion rewards earned by heroes with Retribution within the first 5 minutes. Both adjustments will be tested further in the future.

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What do you think about the Mobile Legends 1.6.84 update? Let us know in the comments section below!

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