5 Interesting Facts about Kiba Inuzuka, Dog Controlling Ninja!

Kiba Inuzuka

Kiba Inuzuka is a member of team 11 in the anime series Naruto. This man who handles dogs is known to be cheerful and humble.

He is a tough ninja with a strong ninken, Akamaru. Despite this, dja still never defeated Naruto.

Both in terms of strength and love, Naruto is far superior to him. Because, Hinata Hyuga, the woman Kiba likes, prefers Naruto as his life partner.

The character appears more often in the anime series Naruto and Naruto Shippuden, rather than in the anime series Boruto.

Just like other ninja, Kiba has grown up. He serves in a special police unit in the village of Konohagakure, and continues to live with his chosen partner.

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Descendants of the Inuzuka Clan, Ninken Controllers from Konoha

Kiba and Akamaru
Kiba and Akamaru. (Source: Reddit/Google)

is Vicigers Do you know about the unique fact that Kiba and his beloved dog, Akamaru, have the same birth date?

Kiba Inuzuka is one of the youngest members of the Inuzuka Clan. It was his destiny to have Akamaru as a ninken who accompanied him on missions, as well as in his daily life.

The Inuzuka clan is well known in Konohagakure Village as an elite clan, which has a special relationship with ninja dogs. No wonder, they got the nickname "Dog Controllers" from the villagers.

When the story universe from the Naruto anime series has continued into the Boruto series, Kiba Inuzuka is said to be a special police officer, and also has a business in the field of ninja dog breeding.

He started doing this after Akamaru got old and couldn't fight like he used to. Most recently, Kiba also replaced Akamaru, with another Ninken, whose name is almost the same, namely Akemaru.

Team Member 8

Team 8 Kurenai
Team 8 Kurenai. (Narutopedia/Google)

Team 8 is also usually known as Team Kurenai, because it is led by Kurenai Yuhi. Apart from team 7, this team is also very strong, because it consists of many tracking type ninja, such as Kiba Inuzuka with his strong sense of smell, and Akamaru's ninken.

There is also Hinata Hyuga who can detect other ninja's chakra, through the famous Byakugan Eyes.

Lastly, there are the Aburame Clan insects controlled by Shino. These insects can be used as a means of exchanging information with other ninja over great distances. Kakashi also managed to lead this team, when Kurenai was pregnant.

Kiba Inuzuka's devotion to Konoha Village continued when he became an adult. Even though the world was peaceful, after the fourth ninja world war, many strong ninja continued to serve the village, by joining the military police unit, including Kiba Inuzuka.

Kiba Inuzuka's Wedding to a Cat Fan

Kiba and Tamaki
Kiba and Tamaki. (Greenscene/Google)

Kiba and Tamaki's love story is very unique. When they first met, their two pets seemed to be blocking each other.

Even though their chemistry as a couple is good, Akamaru and Tamaki's pet cats seem to be enemies with each other.

Tamaki's cats often give Akamaru and Kiba Inuzuka cynical looks, because they feel that Tamaki is being taken by someone else.

However, gradually they can coexist like their owners. In the Boruto anime series, the journey of their love story is not depicted as having children, like other ninjas.

Even so, the presence of Akamaru and Tamaki's cats will still make the atmosphere of their home warm.

Batu Head, One of the Bandel Group Members

Kiba is a close friend of Naruto, Choji and Shikamaru since the ninja academy. The four of them were good friends, to the point that Sensei Iruka nicknamed them the "Stubborn Group" because of their closeness.

Working together to graduate from the academy, until the fourth ninja world war, which brought them closer together as ninjas, as well as friends.

Unique Fight Against Naruto

Even though the two of them were close friends, Kiba considered Naruto a rival.

Since childhood, Kiba has always challenged Naruto to fights, in order to measure how far he has developed.

What's unique is that Naruto never responded seriously to Kiba's invitation to fight. Therefore, he did not use any deadly moves.

Naruto often nagged Kiba, so that he would be deterred, and finally gave up on his own. This is a tough fight for Kiba, because his and Akamaru's sense of smell is very sharp.

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