Demon Slayer: Unique Facts About Kamado Tanjiro

Demon Slayer Tanjiro

Since the first broadcast of the anime Demon Slayer, Tanjiro has successfully stolen the attention of anime lovers all over the world.

Demon Slayer is one of them anime new ones that have great success in the market and become big in genres shounen nowadays.

Anime Demon Slayer adapted so well by studio Ufotable, that it amazed fans. 

The visuals of this anime are very classy, where every battle presents extraordinary and charming animation.

The main character of Demon Slayer is Kamado Tanjiro, he has unique characteristics and is interesting to know more about.

So, here are some unique facts about the main character of Demon Slayer, Kamado Tanjiro that you should know.

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Tanjiro's hard forehead comes from his mother's genes

Tanjiro's hard forehead
Tanjiro Has a Hard Forehead. Source:

Demon Slayer fans must have noticed that Tanjiro has a very hard forehead. 

And with this advantage he often hits people on the head using his forehead. In the anime itself, this power is often used for comedic purposes.

Tanjiro's hard forehead actually comes from genetic factors. This power he got from his mother's genes, which means Tanjiro has another part of his mother inside him, and that is very useful.

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His Smell is Very Sharp

Demon Slayer Tanjiro
His Smell is Very Sharp. Source:

Tanjiro has a keen sense of smell, allowing him to know his surroundings and identify various threats just by smell. 

This is certainly a unique power that can be used to aid him in fighting as an exterminator devil.

In fact, in the past, people in his village made Tanjiro a local detective to find anyone who disappeared in his village.

He Found His Family Members Dead More Than Once

His Family Members Died, Killed by Demons
His Family Members Died, Killed by Demons. Source:

In the first episode of the Demon Slayer anime, we are immediately shown how cruel the demon king, Muzan, is.

This happened to Tanjiro's family, where when he returned home, he found the house in disarray, all his family members had been murdered, leaving his sister, Nezuko, who had become a demon.

However, this is not the first time Tanjiro has returned to the village and found his family dying.

Tanjiro was the first to learn that his father and grandmother were on the verge of death in the past.

This could happen because of his sharp sense of smell, he managed to detect their deaths. 

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Tanjiro's Name Has the Kanji for Charcoal

Tanjiro's Name Has the Kanji for Charcoal
The meaning of the name Tanjiro in Kanji is Charcoal. Source:

Tanjiro's family used to trade charcoal, which is why Tanjiro was not at home when Muzan massacred his entire family.

And his family background is permanently engraved in his name.

The first kanji in the name, “tan”, is Japanese for charcoal. It is paired with two other kanji in his name, “ji” (heal) and “ro” (child).

He Can't Keep His Face When He Lies

Demon Slayer Tanjiro
Tanjiro Never Lies. Source:

We all know how pure Tanjiro's heart is, it would be impossible to imagine him doing anything underhanded, even if it was against an enemy.

In fact, his good nature can be seen from the fact that in his heart he rejects the idea of lying, whenever, and whatever the situation.

It's impossible for Tanjiro to lie while keeping his face normal, because he can't find it in himself to fool anyone else. 

It's natural that many people think that Tanjiro can step over others because of this character trait, but his stubbornness and firm morals more than make up for his lack of intelligence.

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Can Use Two Breathing Techniques

Tanjiro Uses Water Breathing
Tanjiro Uses Water Breathing. Source: CBR

Tanjiro is one of the characters who can use two breathing techniques at once. The first breathing technique he mastered was the Fire Breathing Technique taught by Sakonji.

The Fire Breathing Technique was Tanjiro's initial breathing technique before he switched to using Hinokami Kagura, a breathing technique taught by his father as a child.

During his training, Tanjiro used Water Breathing, making him very proficient with the breathing technique.

This could be proven when Tanjiro was able to face two Lower Moon demons, Rui and Enmu.

Can Turn His Nichirin Sword Red

The Nichirin Sword that Turns Red
The Nichirin Sword that Turns Red. Source: The Digital Fix

As a member of the Demon Hunter Corps, Tanjiro also uses the Nichirin sword which was originally pitch black.

But as time goes by, Tanjiro can change his sword to red with Nezuko's Blood Demon Art.

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So, those are some unique facts about the main character of Demon Slayer, Kamado Tanjiro.

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