These 4 Heroes Will Receive MLBB X Sanrio Characters Skins

MLBB x Sanrio

Good news for gamers Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB). Because there will be 4 heroes who will get the MLBB X Sanrio Characters collaboration skin.

Information about the MLBB X Sanrio Characters collaboration has been officially announced by the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang game developer, Moonton.

The skins received by as many as 4 heroes were inspired by the collaboration with Sanrio Characters. Of course you are already curious about which hero got the skin and how the hero looks after receiving the skin.

The appearance of the 4 heroes will be even cooler with the skins they receive. For those of you who are users of this hero, of course you will really like the new look with that skin.

So, let's just take a look at the reviews about that skin so you can find out right now.

4 Heroes Receive MLBB X Sanrio Characters Collaboration Skins

There are 4 heroes who will receive skins in this collaboration. They were Angela, Floryn, Chang'e and lastly Claude.

This news was announced by the official account of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. Let's take a look at the appearance of the skins received by the 4 heroes in the game.

Previously, you didn't need to doubt the appearance of the skin. Because, MLBB always releases cool skins for players.

So, it is certain that the appearance of the skin will be very cool and good when you have it.

Don't miss to have this skn. Because you will have an attractive appearance when using it on your hero.

So, who are the heroes who get this skin? The news about the 4 heroes getting the skin was announced by Moonton.

“Skin MLBB X Sanrio Characters Debut! The four Skins are inspired by the collaboration with Sanrio Characters. What will happen when an MLBB Skin is designed with Sanrio Character elements?” he wrote in an upload on the YouTube Mobile Legends account: Bang Bang.

Here are 4 heroes who will get the skin:


Angle MLBB x Sanrio

The hero who got the skin in the debut of MLBB x Sanrio Characters is Angela. Angela was the first to appear in a video uploaded on the Mobile Legends YouTube channel: Bang Bang.

He will appear clad in white clothes. Apart from that, this one hero will appear like a character in Sanrio which of course you can already guess, namely Hello Kitty.

Angela also appears wearing red ribbons on her body. Then, a blue headband complete with gems.

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MLBB x Sanrio

The next hero in the game Mobile Legends: Bang Bang who will also get a skin in this collaboration is Floryn.

Floryn will wear white and blue shades. Apart from that, there is also a blue ribbon on his body.

It didn't stop there, her hair was also complemented by a pink flower decoration. The color used by Floryn is identical to the Cinnamoroll character in Sanrio.

This skin with the name “Fluffy Dream” makes Floryn an even prettier hero.

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MLBB x Sanrio

Hero Mobile Legends: Bang Bang who will get a skin in the next MLBB x Sanrio Characters collaboration is Chang'e.

This hero will wear a red shirt complete with a blue vest.

In this skin called “Moon Artist”, Chang'e appears like a painter.

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Claude MLBB

The last hero who will get a skin in this collaboration is Claude. This hero with the role of Marksman is included as one of four other heroes who received skins in the collaboration.

Claude will be wearing a white shirt and jacket in blue and yellow tones. The skin that Claude Mobile Legends received is called Bad Bro.

He appeared to be very cool equipped with a headset hanging around his neck.

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Release Date

Of course, you've been waiting for the release date for the newest skins for the four heroes above. However, it seems that we are still waiting for the release of the 4 collaboration skins.

Because, until now there has been no official statement regarding the release schedule for the MLBB X Sanrio Characters collaboration skin whose debut video trailer was released yesterday, Tuesday 22 February 2022.

Even though you don't know when this skin will be released, prepare yourself to be able to have it. So, you will have a cool and attractive new look when you meet an opposing hero in the game.

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