Floryn Mobile Legends Guide: Best Build, Emblem, and Gameplay Tips

Build Hero Floryn

Floryn Mobile Legends is the newest support hero that is present in the Land of Dawn. This hero has good Damage, Heal, and Crowd Control skills. He is a poke and protect type support, because most of his skills deal damage to enemies and can heal other heroes.

In this guide, we will look at the best emblems, builds, including tips and tricks to pave the way for Vicigers friends to victory with Floryn Mobile Legends.

Floryn Mobile Legends Best Build in Rank Mode

There will never be the best build for a particular hero that you can use in every game. You always have to keep in mind who your opponent is, what items they use, what items they build against you, and only then can you adapt your hero build to the needs of your match.

Floryn Mobile Legends has several core items that are important for it and must be built when playing it.

Floryn comes with a Lantern of Hope default item which cannot be sold at any time. This item can only be used from an allied base. He can use the item for himself or share it with his teammates giving them an additional 7th item.

This item can be shared again with other teammates after 30 seconds. He could only hand out these items one by one. Gathers energy from time to time when Floryn hits enemies with her skills.

On reaching the max stack of 1000 the item evolves which gives Floryn +40 magic power, +10 movement speed, and +5 cooldown reduction.

Start your match by buying Favor Blessed Roaming Demon Shoes. This gives Floryn the necessary mana regen to help her use her skills without running out of mana.

Fleeting Time should be made immediately after as it reduces Ultimate Floryn's cooldown by 30 percent every time she gets a kill or an assist.

The Best Set of Emblems and Spells for Floryn Mobile Legends

The best way to play Floryn is as a support Roamer.

Support Emblem settings

This is the Ideal Setup when playing Floryn as a Support Roamer. Take Agility at Tier 1 which increases movement speed by 2/4/6 percent. Take Tier 2 Rewards that increase Healing Effect by 3/6/10 percent.

In the last tier, take the Focusing Mark talent which, when dealing damage to an enemy hero, increases the allied hero's damage to the enemy by 6 percent for 3 seconds. This effect has a cooldown of 6 seconds.

Mage Emblem Settings

This is the recommended Emblem setting when playing Floryn more aggressively than full support. Take Agility at Tier 1 which increases movement speed by 2/4/6 percent. Take Catastrophe at Tier 2 which increases Magic Power by 1.5/3/5 percent.

In the last tier, take the Impure Rage talent which when dealing damage to an enemy with skill gives additional Magic Damage of 4 percent of the target's current HP and recovers 3 percent of Max Mana. This effect has a cooldown of 5 seconds.

Floryn Mobile Legends Game Tips

As previously discussed, Floryn specializes in a good set of Damage, Heal, and Crowd Control skills.

Our Floryn Mobile Legends guide covers the perfect game plan for early, mid and late game. However, you need to have a good understanding of the map to bring out the best in any hero.

Early Game

In the early game, help junglers secure buffs and Litho Wanderer. Then roam around with the jungler giving them vision to avoid possible enemy ganks. Play with other junglers and gank lanes with your teammates.

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Mid Game

Rotate around the map and help teammates secure objectives such as killing lords, stealing enemy buffs or creeps, taking down enemy turrets, or ganking out of enemy positions.

Remember you can use your ultimate to heal all your teammates no matter where they are on the map. So always keep an eye on the health of your teammates, and don't be shy about helping them with your ultimate.

Late Game

In the late game as a pure support focus to help teammates. Cast vision, use your Skill 2 CC to arrange kills for enemies or heal teammates and keep them afloat through team fights.

Remember not to push yourself into a fight as Floryn has no mobility or escape skills.

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Floryn Mobile Legends is one of the best support heroes at the moment and is very easy to play. The additional item that he can gift one of his teammates is pretty good.

When playing solo he might not contribute much, but if he can duet with a reliable hyper or in a 5 vs 5 man his support potential is unmatched. The guide here will help Vicigers friends on how to maximize Floryn Mobile Legends.

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