Wow! Virtual Cluster Land on RansVerse Sold for IDR 150 Million

Flash Bid RansVerse Land

VCGamers has held a Flash Bid event RansVerse First land on Wednesday 12 May 2022 evening.

Clusters or 4×4 plots of land in Indonesia's first metaverse, RansVerse are sold for 100,088 $VCG or the equivalent of IDR 150,000,000

The winner in the Flash Bid Land now owns land located near Raffi Ahmad's land.

The Flash Bid Land lasts for approximately 1.5 hours from 21.30 WIB to 23.00 WIB.

The opened bid is 1 $VCG. All participants are free to submit bids.

Participants who attended the flash bid land reached 130 people.

All participants who took part in the RansVerse Land Flash Bid were very enthusiastic about participating in the activity.

This can be seen from interactions both via chat and voice.

Flash Bid RansVerse
Flash Bid
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In the final seconds, there was a bidder from 5 bidders in the auction which was very exciting.

Initially, there were participants who bid 72,500 $VCG for one RansVerse cluster near Raffi Ahmad's land.

Then followed by another with an offer of 73,000 $VCG.

Then, another participant submitted a price of 75,000 $VCG.

It didn't stop there, after some time another offer of 80,000 $VCG appeared.

Flash Bid RansVerse Land
Flash Bid RansVerse Land
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In the final seconds, another participant made an offer of 100,000 $VCG or the equivalent of Rp. 150 million.

Thus, the sale of the RansVerse cluster was closed with 100,000 $VCG.

After finding a winner, the dev team immediately dispatched the first metaverse cluster in Indonesia, RansVerse.

Stay tuned for more information about RansVerse. There will be lots of surprises from the dev team for the winners.

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