Leaked Access Ways to Land Prices on RansVerse Raffi Ahmad


This time we want to convey a number of leaks about Raffi Ahmad's metaverse, namely the RansVerse.

The leaks that we will convey include access methods, tokens used to land prices on RansVerse.

We will convey this so that you have an idea of what will be present in Raffi Ahmad's metaverse.

This leak about the RansVerse was delivered some time ago.

This was conveyed by the Co-Founder & Chairman of VCGamers, Wafa Taftazani and directly by the Founder & Chairman of RANS Entertainment, Raffi Ahmad.

Of course, you want to know the leaks about Raffi Ahmad's metaverse, RansVerse.

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It is known that Raffi Ahmad, through his company, is working on a metaverse project called RansVerse.

Raffi Ahmad's metaverse project was built through collaboration with a number of parties.

Among them namely Shinta VR, VCGamers, UpBanx, and Rans Animation.

Raffi Ahmad, who is the husband of Nagita Slavina, is known to have conveyed several things about the metaverse.

For one thing, every land plot, costume and various other things in that metaverse will be in the form of an NFT.

Leaked Ways to Enter Land Prices in Raffi Ahmad's Metaverse

Of course, you can't wait to see the appearance of Raffi Ahmad's metaverse called RansVerse in collaboration with Shinta VR, VCGamers, UpBanx and Rans Animation.

You need to know this in order to have an idea of the RansVerse metaverse.

Here is Raffi Ahmad's RansVerse leak!

Can Use HP and Free


You can enter the metaverse called RansVerse using the cellphone you have.

This was conveyed by the Co-Founder & Chairman of VCGamers, Wafa Taftazani.

“Entrance to the RansVerse is free, by the way Ransverse can not only be accessed with VR devices but also on ordinary cellphones. So friends, you don't need a VR device to enter the Ransverse and entry is free," said Wafa.

He explained, later RansVerse will be present in the form of an application. You can easily download it on your cellphone.

"It's in the form of an application, just like a game, just download it on the Playstore," he said.

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Using $VCG Token

RANSVERSE Metaverse Raffi Ahmad

RansVerse will later use the $VCG Token as a transaction tool.

This is certainly good news for $VCG Token holders.

You only need to have $VCG Token to be able to buy items in the metaverse.

Currently, you can easily get $VCG Token.

Especially now that $VCG Token has been listed on Indodax.

Apart from that, some time ago a cross-chain was also carried out so that you can get VCG tokens on various platforms.

So, you can already have $VCG Token on Uniswap and Pancakeswap.

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Premium and VIP members

RansVerse Metaverse Raffi ahmad

There are a number of options when you enter RansVerse.

Wafa explained, you can become a premium and VIP member.

You can get this by staking a total of $VCG Token.

"Stake a number of VCGs will get what is called premium status or VIP status, later there will be many benefits, premium status, VIP status," said Wafa on Instagram Live with Indodax and Raffi Ahmad.

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There are 24 thousand plots of land

" <yoastmark

The next leak is that there are as many as 24 thousand plots of land available in RansVerse.

You can buy it on RansVerse using $VCG Token.

VCGamers Co-Founder & Chairman, Wafa Taftazani conveyed this during Instagram Live with Indodax and Raffi Ahmad.

"There are approximately 24,000 land plots in the Ransverse," he said.

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Land Price Leaks on RansVerse

Ransverse - Land prices in the ransverse

Apart from that, Wafa also provided leaks regarding the price of land in RansVerse.

"The price per plot is single digit, thousands of VCG," he said.

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