VCGamers Distribute Tens of Thousands of $VCG Free Tokens

You have the opportunity to get the $VCG Airdrop starting today, Wednesday 11 May 2022. There are 40,000 $VCG available.
Airdrop $VCG
Airdrop $VCG

VCGamers distributes tens of thousands of $VCG Tokens for free in the $VCG airdrop promo.

You have the opportunity to get a free $VCG token starting today, Wednesday 11 May 2022.

All $VCG Token holders have the opportunity to get the airdrop prize.

The total prize given in this promo is 40,000 $VCG.

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Airdrop $VCG

Don't miss the chance to win prizes totaling 40,000 $VCG.

The prize is available for those who register or purchase VCGamers.

Apart from that, prizes are also available for those of you who invite other people with the referral code that you have to join as a VC Army.

Of the total 40,000 $VCG available, there will be a distribution for those of you who have just bought $VCG and also those whose referral code was used to register.

The allocation for referrals provided is 8,700 $VCG. Then, as many as 31,300 $VCG are provided for those of you who have just purchased $VCG.

The number of prizes given to referral code givers and newly registered members varies.

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T&C Airdrop $VCG

VCG Tokens
VCG Tokens

There are terms & conditions for getting the $VCG airdrop.

Following are the details of the $VCG Airdrop:

  • Total Rewards: 40,000 $VCG
  • Referrals: 8,700 $VCG
  • Rate: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
  • Airdrop Link (Click here)
  • Follow the steps below to win $VCG:
  • Add $VCG to your Coin Market Cap watchlist
  • Follow $VCG on Twitter (Click here)
  • Like, comment, and retweet this post. (Click here) and tag 5 of your best friends
  • Join Telegram group $VCG (Click here) and channel (Click here)
  • Enter your information into the airdrop bot.
  • Post any of this content on Telegram Channels such as:
  • $VCG has a great fundamental, I'll buy some tokens every month
    • Hi all, I want to be a part of $VCG Journey
    • This project is awesome, $VCG have bridge and staking now!
    • Great!, $VCG can be use on #RansVerse metaverse
    • Or leave another comment.
  • The $VCG airdrop will end on June 10, 2022.
  • The $VCG airdrop shipment will be distributed on June 17, 2022.
  • The BNB Blockchain address used to connect the VCG will be the address to receive the VCG token
  • Win 8,700 $VCG for the most referrals.

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