Wait, Muverse Will Hold the Biggest Crypto Event in Medan!

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Muverse Indonesia will be holding an event NFT & Crypto Now: Learn More, Earn More. This event from Muverse is in collaboration with VCGamers, Ave.ai, Plaza Millenium, Tapbit and Polimec.

This event was held following the success Muvers stage "Web3 into Entertainment” which was held in Hong Kong in April 2023. Thus, Muverse Indonesia continues the series of introductions and enhancements to the name Muverse to the Medan City community, Indonesia.

This event takes the theme Learn More, Earn More because Muverse wants the Indonesian community to get to know him better. Starting from what to do, future plans to how to make a profit from Muverse.

In this event, Muverse cooperates with VCG Token and other parties because they have the same vision, namely building the Indonesian crypto community.

It is hoped that this collaborative event can create an ecosystem crypto in the Indonesian Community will be increasingly attractive, strong, and growing rapidly.

In this event, Muverse together with VCGamers and others invited the Medan City community who wanted to know more about cryptocurrencies, NFTs and safe crypto investments. Apart from that, there will also be tips and shared experiences about crypto which are very useful to add insight. 

Muverse believes that by conveying the right insights to participants, the crypto world will grow faster and more powerfully.

Participants will gain an understanding of the crypto world, how crypto works, and get the chance to meet like-minded people. Not only that, participants can also get the opportunity to build a network. 

Because, all participants in this event can directly interact with sources who have great experience who are able to help participants make decisions about safe crypto investments.

The series of events will be filled with seminars, interactive discussions, questions and answers, and score challenges. 

It is hoped that the event activities that have been arranged so well will provide an extraordinary experience for all participants and will be an extraordinary motivation for Muverse and other parties to continue to grow and do even greater in the future.

Furthermore, in this event, Muverse will introduce interesting and unique features that will be very useful for participants, because the continuous development that Muverse is doing will make participants understand more about the benefits they get, and by becoming part of the Muverse community, trading NFTs music globally will be realized neatly and well.

Curious when this event will be held? Stay tuned for information on VCGamers News!

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