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IG Caption (Instagram) in today's social networks have become more than just social media. Where the IG caption has become one of the most important elements of the success of a company's business portfolio.

Especially if a business has certain interests, such as the image they want to give to customers through the social media giant.

If Vicigers friends see this, the content and title for the post on the account is something to watch out for. Indirectly, interesting IG captions can attract a lot of public attention to Instagram accounts.

But what is the definition of an interesting caption on Instagram? So what steps do Vicigers friends need to take to make writing titles interesting? Check out the following reviews!

What are IG Captions?

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Using IG captions for business purposes

Before we go into explaining the tips for making a good IG caption, we first need to detail the meaning of this caption.

A good post can reflect the context and image you want to convey through the posted photos or videos.

These words should grab the attention of the audience so they want to read them. But it's even better if the title includes a call to action or a call to action that encourages followers to comment, share, or promote the post.

Titles should be at least 2,200 characters long, including emoticons and hashtags which can expand the reach of posts. However, you have to remember that too many emojis or hashtags can hurt the quality of the title you enter.

Tips for Making Interesting IG Captions

If you think the title of the post is just an addendum, you may be missing out on an opportunity to engage customers and increase the business of the company you have created.

So, if you want to make headlines that are more interesting and cool, you can read some of the tips below. Come on, look!

Know the Demographics of Your Readers or Followers

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Get to know your audience and readers on Instagram (Source: Quartz)

The first step to creating an interesting IG caption is to first identify your audience and followers

Why? In essence, if you know the type of audience on Instagram, it will be easier for you to create an Instagram marketing strategy that suits the needs of the audience.

This will greatly affect the company's business interests because a good marketing strategy is responsive to the needs of society.

Show the Uniqueness of the Brand

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make an interesting Instagram caption (Image; source Sutekno)

When you come up with a name, it's important to keep in mind the uniqueness of the company's brand. If you want to present content with a brand character that is funny and relaxed, use everyday language with light and popular references.

However, if you manage a company account with a serious and authoritative brand image, it is better to use formal phrases that are easy to understand. In essence, make sure every phrase used is consistent with the branding you are building.

Captions Don't Be Too Long

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Make captions that readers can easily understand

Today's Instagram followers definitely don't want to spend hours just reading your posts. So don't make the title too long. This will make your followers lazy and think your posts are boring.

However, if there is an interesting story behind the picture posted, think about each sentence to make the reading more effective. Make sure the title of the story is motivating so that followers are also interested in reading the long text.

Steal Followers Attention in the First Sentence

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IG influencers who are good at making captions. Source: Instagram/@viviinovika

Regarding the previous point, because user Instagram tend to spend less time on posts, it's important that you engage them from the first sentence.

The first sentence is the aspect that determines whether the audience will take the time to read the headline or not.

So to make the first sentence of the Instagram headline interesting, put important information in an interesting sentence. If you want to link to another account and include a hashtag, it's better to put it at the end of the sentence.

Because if you put it at the beginning of the sentence, the audience's attention can be cut and their attention will be diverted to hashtags and account profiles.

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Include CTA in IG Captions

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Include CTA in captions to engage Audience (Source: Digital Trends)

The last tip for creating an interesting Instagram caption is to use CTA or Call to Action.

CTa itself is a sentence-shaped instruction designed to get the audience to respond or take action on your post. The CTA in the headline can be a phrase or a question. Like at the end of a sentence where you can ask a question about the subject of the picture.

This will motivate the audience to answer questions by leaving comments. You can also direct the audience to act and respond to the post.

The trick is to make invitation sentences such as telling your audience to mention their friends in the comments column or share your post.

Those are some tips that you can follow to make your IG caption more interesting. Basically, rethink the needs of the audience. Because the best content is content that always provides topics that are relevant to the needs of the audience. 

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If you are still curious and need references, you can try to look at the caption posted on the Instagram account influencers. The titles they come up with are considered high quality because they are catchy and cool.

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