How to Register for the Latest XL Card 2022

complete XL card registration method

Registering at each provider is something that needs to be done, including learning how to register XL cards that you must know for XL card users.

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XL Card Registration

You should know how to register an XL card if you want to use this XL Axiata service provider. If your card is not registered, of course you cannot use the card for your needs.

As we also know, registration for starter packs is mandatory, this is done for data collection and security for you and the telecommunications provider.

Here's how to register an XL card that you must follow if you use an XL card:

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XL Card Registration Via SMS

How to register an XL card
How to register an XL card via SMS

For Indonesian citizens

If you are an Indonesian citizen, you can register your XL card using SMS, here are the steps:

  1. Type SMS: DAFTAR#NIK#NKK number, send to number 4444.
  2. Wait until the validation process is complete.

For foreigners

If you are a foreigner, you can register by following the steps below:

  1. Visit the nearest telecommunication service provider partner outlet
  2. Show your identity as a foreigner, either KITAPKITAS or Passport, to the outlet
  3. Your identity will be recorded by the officer
  4. Wait until the registration process is complete
  5. After completion, foreigners can use XL cards
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Card Registration Through the XL Official Website

how to register an XL card
XL card registration through the XL official website

If you want to register through the XL official website, you can follow the steps below:

  1. Open the XL Axiata official website or you can click here.
  2. Enter the XL telephone number that you are using.
  3. Next, the system will send a verification code via SMS to the number you entered.
  4. Enter the verification code into the registration service.
  5. Click Verification.
  6. Enter your NIK & KK number,
  7. Click Submit.

Once submitted, you will receive a confirmation via SMS.

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How to Check Whether the Card Has Been Registered or Not

How to register an XL card
How to register an XL card via SMS

If you are still unsure whether your card has been successfully registered or not, you can follow the steps below:

  1. Open the phone menu on your cellphone.
  2. Type 1234444#.
  3. If so, information on your XL card number and the NIK used when filling in the number will be displayed, but the NIK number itself will not be notified in full.
  4. If this appears it means you have succeeded.

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