5 Best Need for Speed Games, Challenging Adrenaline!

the best need for speed game

Some of you must like the video game genre racing car right? Then what are the recommendations for the best Need for Speed game? The thrill of racing with cool cars both on the official track and in the city.

Need for Speed, one of the popular racing game series, is the favorite choice of gamers to play racing games.

On this occasion, we will provide information regarding the best and most exciting game recommendations, which will make your adrenaline race fast in the race.

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Best Need for Speed Game Recommendations

There are some of the best games you can play. Of course, this series of games will be very exciting if you really like car racing.

Without further ado, here we will present the best Need For Speed games.

Need For Speed: Undercover 

the best need for speed game
Source, gamespot.com

Need For Speed: Undercover which was released by the same developer on November 18, 2008, is the next game in the Need For Speed: Undercover series. This game was released on Playstation 2, Playstation 3, Playstation 4, Xbox 360, Nintendo DS, Nintendo WII, and many other platforms.

Need For Speed: Undercover combines the elements of need for speed: most wanted and need for speed carbon, with police pursuit.

In this best Need For Speed game, you play as an undercover cop trying to track down and catch a fugitive, instead of being the subject of the most wanted police.

Even though you are a member of the police, that doesn't mean you won't be chased by them, the police won't give you a chance to escape in the most wanted and carbon ways.

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Need For Speed Heat

the best need for speed game
Source, playstation.com

Need For Speed Heat became the next best game series for Need For Speed. Game ghost released Need For Speed Heat on November 8, 2019 for Playstation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

This game features all the elements that made the Need For Speed series so popular, from wild racing to car customization, police chases and much more.

The charming graphics also make this game suitable for titles like Need For Speed: The new generation.

Need For Speed: Carbon

the best need for speed game
Source. Youtube/GamePlayStation

Need For Speed: Carbon is the best game, and it is based on the police chase feature in the previous game Most Wanted.

Need For Speed: Carbon includes a unique gameplay feature called wingman, which allows players to race against other co-op racers.

This computer-controlled racer can support players in races. This best Need For Speed game is highly recommended.

Need For Speed: Prostreet

the best need for speed game
Source. Youtube/xTimelessGaming

Need For Speed: Prostreet very exciting and looks very attractive. This game designed by EA Black Box was released on November 14, 2007 for the P2, PS3, PSP, Xbox 360, Nintendo WII, Nintendo DS, and PC.

Prostreet plays races on official tracks, and some of its tracks are even based on real-world official racing areas.

The gameplay of this game features more realistic cars because it uses a physics engine that adds to the excitement of playing.

As an added value, this best game also features cool engines, parts, and accessories that can be customized for your car.

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Need for Speed: Shift

the best need for speed game

Need for Speed: Shift First is an ionic variation on the series' previous gameplay. The developers focused the gameplay on realistic racing simulation as opposed to Arcade racing games.

This game is considered a successor to Prostreet, which focused on car driving simulations. In addition, it is also an effort by developers to compete with racing simulation games such as Gran Turo 5 and Forza Motor Speed.

Need for Speed: Undercover received a positive response from gamers despite the fierce competition from the two games, and a sequel was made entitled Shift 2: Unleashed.

All of the best Need For Speed games that we recommend above must be tried, of course they are very exciting and adrenaline-pumping.

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