Reset Season ML S27: Schedule, Tier Drop and Reward Info

Reset ML Seasons

Moonton as a game developer Mobile Legends will soon reset the ML S27 season. Let's see the full review here!

As usual, the Mobile Legends game will reset the season, and this time it will reset from season 27 to season 28.

With this change in season, Moonton will introduce a new patch. Surely this latest patch is worth waiting for.

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What you need to know is that when the ML season reset occurs, you won't be able to play the Mobile Legends game for about 15 minutes. Then, after the season reset is complete, you will be asked to download the latest resources.

So, for more details about when the Mobile Legends season reset will take place, let's look at the following review!

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When will the ML S27 Season Reset take place?

Reset ML Seasons
New Loading Mobile Legend S28. Source: Mobile Legends

According to the server time, the Mobile Legends season reset schedule from season 27 to season 28 will take place on Saturday, March 25 2023 at 16.00 WIB.

For the record, Moonton usually regularly resets Mobile Legends every 90 days or once every 3 months.

The unique fact of this season's reset is that Mobile Legends players always name the new season's schedule as "World Rhinoceros Day".

This happened because players from the Mythic and Legend ranks would drop to the Epic rank, which indeed had the rhino logo on it.

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Decreasing Tier or Rank Every Reset Season

Reset ML Seasons
New Season Rewards. Source: Mobile Legends

Based on the rules set by Moonton, every new season of Mobile Legends will make the tier or rank of the players decrease. For more details, here is a decrease in tier or rank for each new season:

  • Mythical Glory 5100+ becomes Legend V
  • Mythical Glory 1100+ becomes Epic I
  • Mythical Glory 600+ becomes Epic II
  • Mythic 0-599 becomes Epic II
  • Legend I became Epic III
  • Legend II becomes Epic III
  • Legend III becomes Epic III
  • Legend IV becomes Epic III
  • Legend V becomes Epic IV
  • Epic I becomes Epic IV
  • Epic II becomes Epic V
  • Epic III becomes Epic V
  • Epic IV becomes Grandmaster I
  • Epic V becomes Grandmaster II
  • Grandmaster I became Grandmaster III
  • Grandmaster II became Grandmaster IV
  • Grandmaster IIII becomes Grandmaster V
  • Grandmaster IV becomes Master I
  • Grandmaster V becomes Master II
  • Master I became Master III
  • Master II becomes Master IV
  • Master III becomes Master V
  • Master IV becomes Elite I
  • Master V becomes Elite I

Reward Reset Season ML S27 and changes to S28 Mobile Legends

Reset ML Seasons
Revamp Hero Minsitthar. Source: Mobile Legends

Moonton has announced the reward for resetting the Mobile Legends season from S27 to S28, where later Mobile Legends players will get the All Star Lancelot, Odette, Harith skins which you can choose later.

As for the update for season 28 of the Mobile Legends game, there will be several changes such as the Minsitthar hero revamp, then changes to the Land of Dawn, and changes to the UI or loading display before the match starts.

The Minsitthar revamp release schedule itself was released on Tuesday 21 March 2023 at 15.00 WIB yesterday. Apart from that, the rewards for Mobile Legends season 27 are GP 10,000, ticket 750, borders with exclusive backgrounds and battle emotes.

Apart from that, in season 28, Moonton will also nerf three OP heroes. Based on existing leaks, the three heroes are Wanwan, Fredrinn and Badang.

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Well, that's our discussion this time. In the new season, what tier will you go down to?

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