Collection of Old GameHouse PC Games, Let's Get Nostalgia!


This time, we will review the old game house PC. Of course, this game is very familiar to Vicigers born in the 2000s.

For those of you who often play online and offline games on PC, of course you are familiar with the name GameHouse.

Yes, they are one of the game developers who have big and popular names.

That popularity is because they provide a large selection of exciting and fun games to play.

But before that, let's get to know GameHouse again to make you nostalgic. Check it out!

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Old House PC Games

Game House (Source: Dunia Games)

GameHouse isn't actually the name of the games, but GameHouse is a developer company as well as a distributor of online games.

Please note, this company has a lot of games that have been distributed to various companies.

GameHouse is quite well known by almost everyone around the world. The reason is, several games from GameHouse were never empty of enthusiasts so they became the number 1 favorite game at that time.

As we know, as the game industry emerges and develops, it is slowly being replaced by the latest games.

Therefore, we will discuss some old school games that are still worthy of being your old school friends. Besides that, this game will make you remember memories in the past.

The following is a list of games that will make many people feel at home for hours hanging out in front of the PC:

Barbie as Rapunzel A Creative Adventure (2002)

old house pc games (1) - Rapunzel
Barbie as Rapunzel: A Creative Adventure (Source: yeonkawai)

In this game, players play the role of Rapunzel who likes adventure.

There is a spell that has destroyed the castle and has turned Prince Stefan to stone.

Rapunzel's task is to redecorate the castle and find the missing gems to help Prince Stefan turn back into a human.

After all was done, Rapunzel was able to save the kingdom in time and make a Masquerade party. What a thrill!

Diner Dash (2004)

old house pc games (2) - dd
Diner Dash (Source: yeonkawai)

For someone who likes cooking, this Diner Dash game is really suitable to be played.

Diner Dash is also one of the most popular games from Game House, you know!

This game tells the story of Flo who is assigned to manage his own restaurant.

He performs various tasks to serve the customers who come to his restaurant.

Such as placing an order, serving food to customers to becoming a cashier.

Flo must be quick to serve every customer who comes to her restaurant. Skill using the mouse will continue to improve after playing this Diner Dash.

Zuma Deluxe (2003)

game house (3) zuma
Zuma Deluxe (Source: Google)

Zuma was one of the most popular old PC House Games and was played by many people, especially children.

But not only children you know. Adults also play this game.

This game makes the players feel at home playing for hours because of its simple gameplay.

The way to play this game is just by shooting balls of the same color to create combos and high scores.

If the ball is in the right place, then the number of balls traveling to a hole will decrease.

Conversely, if the ball enters the hole, the player loses.

Nanny Mania (2007)

nani's game house
Nanny Mania (Source: Softonic)

Nanny Mania is one of the games on GameHouse PC. This game is very popular with children.

The reason is, Nanny will invite her players to accompany her to clean up.

Players have to clean up and tidy up the scattered dirt for a very limited time.

Platypus (2002)

platypus new
Platypus (Source: Fanatical)

Platypus is one of the best games of all time. This is because this game is a spaceship shooting game with various firearms.

In Platypus, players must protect a country called Mungola from Aliens, namely Colossatropolis.

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So, those are some old house PC games that are still worth playing today.

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