How to Play Need for Speed No Limits PC, Easy and Free!

NFS No Limits

Need for Speed provides a variety of games for consoles, PCs, and of course mobile. The Need for Speed game available for mobile is called NFS No Limits.

This time, VCGamers will discuss how to play Need for Speed No Limits on a PC even though the game is a mobile game.

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Need for Speed No Limits

Need for Speed No Limits PC
Illustration of Need for Speed No Limits

Need for Speed No Limits or NFS No Limits is a racing game that can be played free of charge for mobile users, namely iOS and Android.

As one of the Need for Speed games for mobile, this game was developed by Firemonkeys Studio and published by Electronic Arts in 2015.

This game is ranked 21st for the Need for Speed game and is the second game that you can play for free, after Need for Speed: World.

Even though it has been released since 2015, NFS No Limits still has various updates to date, such as patches Winter's Shadow.

Different from NFS ProStreet focusing on official racing on circuits, NFS No Limits focuses on dirt racing, car customization, and of course avoiding the police.

Players will participate in various races through Campaign Races or story mode, Car Series Races for special car races, and Rival Races for racing against enemy shadows or multiplayer.

Not only that, there is also a limited time event that can provide players with a car as a loan for that event.

When the player successfully completes the event, the lent car will belong to the player as a prize for completing the event.

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How to Play NFS No Limits on PC

Gameplay Need for Speed No Limits PC
Gameplay Need for Speed No Limits

As we know, Need for Speed No Limits is a mobile game, especially for Android and iOS smartphone users.

However, now you can play various kinds of games on a PC using a technology called an emulator.

You can use the emulator to play various kinds of mobile games on a PC and of course use PC controls, namely the keyboard and mouse.

Not only that, some emulators also support control using a stick controller that you connect to a PC or laptop.

Of course, there are various emulators that you can download to play NFS No Limits, for example, Bluestacks.

Through the official website Bluestacks, they support players who want to play NFS No Limits via PC by including an emulator download link with the game.

Seeing that Need for Speed No Limits is a free game, you can play more freely on the emulator without having to pay.

If you are confused about choosing an emulator, here is a choice of emulators that you can use besides Bluestacks.

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Emulators Choice

Gameplay NFS No Limits
Gameplay NFS No Limits

Apart from Bluestacks, you can use other emulators like LDPlayer. LDPlayer is an emulator that is quite famous because it is equipped with the LD Store with various other mobile games.

Therefore, there is an alternative to adding mobile games to your PC via an emulator called LDPlayer.

Apart from that, there is an emulator called Nox Player as a free Android emulator and the quality is quite good.

Unlike Bluestacks, Nox Player does not provide sponsored ads so that the playing experience becomes more comfortable.

What's more, Nox Player also offers various kinds of customization such as Graphics rendering modes from DirectX and OpenGL.

All of the emulators previously mentioned have provided good quality playing mobile games on PCs.

For example, you can already get 60 FPS so playing mobile games is smoother on a PC or laptop, one of which is playing Need for Speed No Limits.

Thus the discussion regarding Need for Speed No Limits on PC, I hope this is useful!

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