March 2023 Starlight Mobile Legends Skin Leaks

The March 2023 Starlight skin in the Mobile Legends game is reported to be given to a hero with the Mage role, Valentina.
Starlight Skin for March 2023. Source: Mobile Legends

Leaked March 2023 starlight skin that will be present in the game Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. Of course, this will make it easier for you to find out which heroes will receive the Starligth skin next month.

Even though it's only the beginning of February 2023, the leaks of next month's MLBB starlight skin have been widely reviewed by content creators.

We all know that heroes get skin starlight February 2023 is Saber. The hero with the Assassin role is present in the game Mobile Legends.

Saber looks dashing with his new skin. This of course will make saber users able to have it immediately.

You can get Saber in the game easily. But make sure that you have enough Diamond Mobile Legends. To buy cheap, safe and fast MLBB Diamonds, you can go directly to VCGamers Marketplace.

Back to the matter of next month's starlight skin, of course you can't wait to find out which hero will get this skin.

Based on leaks circulating, March 2023 starlight skin will be given to hero Valentina.

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March 2023 Starlight Skin Leaks

Skin Starlight March 2023 MLBB Valentina Cyber Agent
Valentina Cyber Agent. YouTube/Joni Gamerz

Moonton is known to always bring a variety of cool and interesting skins to the game.

Each skin, of course, has its own character when released.

One of the skins offered by Moonton for Mobile Legends players is the starlight skin.

This skin is available every month. To be precise, at the beginning of each month.

Players can also have these skins easily. The method is only by using the Diamond Mobile Legends that you have.

The appearance of the starlight skin is of course very cool and attractive. So, it's only natural that Mobile Legends players look forward to the presence of skins every month.

Including next month. Where, based on leaks circulating that the skin will be given to Valentina.

Starlight Valentina's skin is called Cyber Agent.

The hero will have a new look with red hair. In addition, he wore clothes that were predominantly blue.

This change will certainly make you cooler while in the game. Moreover, when dealing with your opposing team in the Land of Dawn.

However, of course it's better for us to wait for the official announcement from Moonton regarding the March 2023 Starlight skin.

However, there is nothing wrong if we are currently preparing to buy the skin.

So, we can have it immediately when the skin has been officially released in the game.

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Skills Valentina Mobile Legends

Skin Valentina Starlight March 2023
Valentina Cyber Agent. Source: YouTube/Joni Gamerz

A cool skin display certainly needs to be supported by a good game too. There are some basic things that must be done so that we can use the hero properly.

Like, mastering skills and compiling the best build items from a hero.

Knowing the skill will help us determine when to use a skill.

Apart from that, we can also determine which skill to use first to last.

Not only that, having an understanding of Valentina's skills can also make it easier for us when we want to decide to attack or defend against the opposing team.


So, we must be able to understand Valentina's skills before we can use her to compete with other heroes in the game.

Following are Valentina's skills in the Mobile Legends game:

Passive – Primal Forces

Valentina MLBB's passive skill is Primal Force. This passive skill will provide additional EXP.

When using Valentina, this passive skill will allow you to get up to 8 to 50 EXP every time you damage an opposing hero.

The cooldown of Valentina's passive skill is 2 seconds.

The 30% damage that Valentina gives will become her HP when the opponent's hero who is damaged is not higher than her.

Skill 1 – Shadow Strike

Valentina's 1st skill is called Shadow Strike. Later, he will throw Shadow Strike towards the target.

The Shadow Strike will cause the opponent to be exposed to Magic Damage of up to 340 (+ 185% Total Magic Power). Not only that, they will also experience a slow effect reaching 40% within one second.

When you attack an opposing hero with skill 1, the hero will be marked with a Shadow Sigil within 4 seconds.

Skill 2 – Arcane Shade

Valentina's 2nd Skill is Arcane Shade. Where, he will lunge towards the target.

After that, he fires 3 Shadow Bolts at the closest enemy and loads them up to 125(+30% Total Magic Power) Magic Damage.

Skill Ultimate – I Am You

Skill 3 Valentina is I Am You. When you use this skill, Valentina in the game will slow down to 70%.

Valentina will turn into an enemy hero and can use her skills.

Apart from that, this hero will also get additional Physical Attack until it reaches (+ 100% Total Magic Power).

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