How to make a WA ringtone that says the caller's name

How to Make WA Ringtones

WA ringtones can now say the caller's name. This feature might be an alternative for those of you who are bored with monotonous ringtones. There are at least five ways you can activate this feature on your cellphone. 

So, in this article we have prepared a short review for those of you who want to use ringtones WA say the name on your Adnroid or iOS cellphone. For further information, you can read this article to the end.

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How to Make a Caller Name Ringtone on iOS

If you are an Apple smartphone user, you can activate WA notifications saying names without having to use an application or special ringtone.

If this feature is activated, all incoming call notifications will be named by Siri. So, to activate this method, you can do the following:

  • Go to the “Settings” menu on iPhone;
  • Click the “Phone” or “Phone Settings” option;
  • Select “Incoming Call”;
  • Then look for the words “Caller Name Reader” then click on that option;
  • Click the activate button “Caller Name Reader”.

By activating this feature on the iPhone, Siri will read out incoming calls to the cellphone. This feature really helps iPhone users to know who the caller is when they are busy with activities.

How to Make a Ringtone Saying the Name of an Android Phone 

How to Make WA Ringtones
How to make a WA ringtone that says the caller's name. Source: Youtube RMA Nolep

Unfortunately, Android phones are not equipped with features like iPhones. So users cannot activate the caller name feature.

But you need to know that there is a solution to use the caller name feature on Android phones.

You can do this by using a third-party application or using other methods such as the following:

Make a Ringtone with Sound of Text

sound of text to make WA ringtones
Sound of Text site for making WA ringtones. Source:

Sound of Text is a site that provides services for creating MP3 audio files from text. The characteristics of the sound produced from this site are similar Google voice Assistant when reading text. 

Immediately, here is an explanation of how to make a WA ringtone that mentions the caller's name with Sound of Text:

  • Visit the Sound of Text site;
  • Write the name you want to make a ringtone in the "Text" column, for example "Pakde Jono XL";
  • In the "Voice" column you can select Indonesian;
  • After that click "Submit";
  • Scroll down the cellphone screen to the “Sounds” box;
  • To listen to the ringtone click “Play”;
  • If it is suitable, you can download the MP3 by clicking "Download".

After successfully creating and downloading MP3, now you just have to go to WhatsApp then do this:

  • Open the WhatsApp application;
  • Click the three dot icon in the top right corner;
  • After that select “Settings”; 
  • Then click “Notifications”;
  • Select the type of ringtone you want to change. You can choose messages, groups, or calls
  • Select a ringtone from Sound of Text.
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Create Ringtones with Google Voice 

Google Voice to create ringtones
Google Voice to create ringtones. Source: Appstore

You can also make a WA ringtone that mentions the caller's name via Google. For further information, you can see the following brief review:

  • Visit Google Voice;
  • Write the name you want to enter in the text column;
  • Select Indonesian;
  • Click “Create Sound”;
  • Once the process is complete click “Listen” to ensure the sound is correct;
  • Then you can click “Download to download the ringtone;
  • Next you can go to the download folder;
  • If you have found the file, move it to the ringtone folder.

The final step you can take is the same as mentioned in the previous discussion. 

Make WA Ringtones with Free TTS

Make Ringtones with Free TTS
Make Ringtones with Free TTS. Source:

Free TTS is a platform that can convert text into online conversations. Of course, this platform will be very easy if you just create a voice from text that only has a few words. 

You can use this platform for free. Further, here is a complete explanation: 

  • Type the name you want to set as a ringtone;
  • Select a sound;
  • Click the 'Convert to MP3' button;
  • Finally click 'Download'.

Using Calling & SMS Name Announcer Application

Caller name and SMS announcer application
Source: Google Play Store

Application Caller Name & SMS Announcer You can download it on the Google Play Store. When you have finished downloading, you can follow the steps to use it below:

  • Click the application icon after logging in click “Let's Get Started”;
  • Select “Indonesian” then click finish;
  • Next, you can select “Whastapp Broadcaster”;
  • Click the “Turn on” button;
  • If loading is complete you can click "Allow";
  • After entering the settings page, click on the application logo “Nickname & SMS Announcer;
  • Click the “Enable” button then “Allow”;
  • Return to the main application page then click “Notifications” and “Calls” until they turn green;
  • Finally click "Set Settings".

At this point, your Android cellphone will say the caller's name when there is an incoming call automatically.

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Those are five ways to make WA ringtones that can say the caller's name on Android and iPhone phones, good luck trying them.

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