How to Make Receiptify, Deposit Your Favorite Songs Every Month!

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For those of you who often open social media, including X, I'm sure you'll see it often post other users who always share Receiptify deposits Spotify them at the end of every month.

Of course, this is always a trend on social media for teenagers who don't want FOMO (Fear of Missing Out/Missing Out on New Things).

As music platform Popular, Spotify provides billions of songs, albums, genres, playlists, radio and podcasts that you can listen to for free.

Regarding Receiptify itself, it is still related to Spotify which contains a tracklist of songs that you have often heard in recent times.

One thing that makes it unique is the tracklist display in the form of a shopping receipt. So, users often call it "Receiptify deposit at the end of every month" because it is like we have been shopping at a minimarket/supermarket and see a list of the groceries we have purchased on the receipt.

For those of you who are curious to try Receiptify, you can follow the steps below to join the trend!

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(Source: The Mac Observer)

According to page Officially, Receiptify is a music generator tool developed by Michelle Liu, she created this because she was inspired by @.albumreceipts.

Here displays a list of 10 songs that are frequently played by users at a certain time, starting from the last 1 month, the last 6 months and the last year in receipt format.

Receiptify will calculate and process all newly played music data from your Spotify account for the last month, last 6 months and last 1 year.

In fact, Receiptify is almost similar to Spotify Wrapped from Spotify which always appears at the end of November or early December every year.

Where both Receiptify and Spotify Wrapped will summarize all your favorite songs in an attractive format.

But unfortunately, this website does not provide a sharing feature, but you can download the image files or you can also save the playlist to your Spotify account and share the playlist from your account which can be shared on social media.

It's really exciting when we share the results of songs that are often played with your friends on social media. So we can also find out what songs they often listen to on Spotify.

No need to be surprised, this music generator tool is already quite popular on social media, especially when towards the end of the month, many people show off their Receiptify results on social media.

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How to make

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Result & Customize Receipt (Source: VCGamers)

So, for those of you who are curious about how to make a Receiptify that is similar to a shopping receipt? It's really easy, you know! Just follow the steps below.

  • Search in the browser with the keyword "Receiptify" or
  • After that, Login WithSpotify (log in using your Spotify account).
  • After that, enter E-mail and Passwords account Spotify-your.
  • After that, you have succeeded in getting it the result based on the last 1 month.
  • If you want Custom, you can choose:
    • Metrics: Top Tracks, Top Artist, Top Genres, Stats, Search Album, Build Custom Receipt (Create your own).
    • Time Period (Period): Last Month (Last 1 Month), Last 6 Month (Last 6 Months) and Last Year (Last 1 Year).
    • Length (Order List): Top 10 (10 List) and Top 50 (50 List).
    • Fonts: Classic and Internationally Compatible.
  • Once in Custom, you can immediately download the image in the feature Download Image. 
  • View In New Tab (If you want to view in a new tab).
  • Save as Playlist (Directly becomes a playlist to your Spotify account).
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So, that's how to make a Receiptify. How, it's really easy, right? What are you waiting for, can you show off your cool Receiptify results?

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