Recommended 5 Best Music Applications, Download Now!

There are a number of the best music applications that you can use. You can use this application to listen to music anytime and anywhere.

We all know that technological developments make it easier for us to carry out various activities. One of them is listening to music.

Before the presence of music applications, there were a number of devices that had to be owned to be able to listen to songs.

For example using a phonograph, radio, walkman to discman. However, now we can listen to music only through cellphones.

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Recommended 5 Best Music Applications

We will recommend five of the best music applications that you can easily use and download via cellphone.

Here's the list:


the Spotify music app

Spotify is an app and a podcast. You can stream millions of original songs and podcasts for free.

On Spotify, there are recorded more than 80 million songs and 4 million podcasts (which will continue to grow).

You can listen to music from anywhere that has been entered into Spotify.

Apart from that, this application also allows you to listen to music offline if you have subscribed Spotify Premium.

You can download the application for your cellphone.

Apart from that, this app is also available for web view. Immediately download it right now!

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JOOX Music – Live and Karaoke

joox music app

There are as many as 40 million music songs from domestic and international musicians in Indonesia JOOX.

Users of this application can also choose to listen to their favorite radio and podcasts.

Lots of things to do in JOOX. Like, karaoke, memorizing song lyrics to downloading and watching short BUZZ videos.

You can get a variety of free features with this application.

Among them, you can listen to music together and live with friends to listen to songs instantly.

Apart from that, you can access more than 50 radio stations in the JOOX ROOM feature.

If you want to get more, there is also the JOOX VIP feature. Among them are listening to music without an internet quota, maximum audio quality and ad-free.

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Apple Music

Apple Music
Apple Music

There are more than 100 million songs in this application that you can listen to. You can enjoy unlimited access to the song.

You can enjoy a number of features of this music application. Among them are sharing playlists with friends, downloading songs and listening to them offline to enjoying audio with Dolby Atoms.

You can also find out what friends or other users are listening to through this application.

However, the features provided may differ in each country.

You can subscribe to this application and it will be renewed automatically.

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YouTube Music

YouTube Music
YouTube Music

The next application that is really suitable for listening to songs is YouTube Music.

You can connect with tens of millions of official songs using this application.

There are songs of various genres available. So, it will be easier to be able to arrange personalized playlists with the favorite music you like.

You can listen to music on various devices. Starting from cellphones, desktops, smart TVs and so on.

In addition, this application will also be compatible with Google Maps, Waze and others.

You can also subscribe to Music Premium. So you can listen to ad-free songs and switch between audio and video.

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Music Player

The next music player application is Muzio Player. This application gets a rating of 4.7 on the Playstore.

There are a number of features that you will get when listening to this application.

You can manage offline songs and videos with the best resolution.

Apart from that, there are more than 30 themes to choose from and many other features.

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You can use the application above to get the best song listening experience.

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