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Recently, the CEO of Meta, Mark Zuckerberg, announced that he would be releasing a Artificial Intelligence (AI) which will be applied to a chatbot on WhatsApp. However, this feature is still in the testing phase on WhatsApp beta and will be released in the near future.

Reported from WABetainfo, the AI chatbot feature will start to appear in the latest WhatsApp beta for Android version which will be available on the Google Play Store and only beta tester users will get it updates this gradually.

Apart from that, ordinary users can only wait until it is officially released.

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What is WhatsApp AI Chatbot?

AI chatbots
AI chatbots. Source: Freepik

According to WABetainfo, the AI chatbot is a feature that allows WA users to chat with the AI Meta assistant via the chat room in the WA application menu without having to save contacts first.

WhatsApp believes that the feature can help the process of significantly reducing the time and effort required to help users in everyday life such as planning vacations, answering questions and surfing the internet with the help of Microsoft Bing by simply starting a conversation with an AI chatbot on WA.

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When will the WhatsApp AI chatbot be released?

To date, there is still no official information on when the AI chatbot feature will be released for WA.

However, seeing that this feature has been released on the beta version of WhatsApp, it is possible that it will soon be officially released on the Android or iOS version of WhatsApp.

We as users can only wait for WhatsApp to officially release this feature.

WhatsApp AI Chatbot Display

WhatsApp AI Chatbot Display
WhatsApp AI Chatbot Display. Source: WABetaInfo

If you look at the display above, the AI chatbot will have its own button near the start a new chat button which is white like the Microsoft Cortana logo.

With this button, users can start a new chat with the AI chatbot and the reason why this button was created on the home page is to make the usage process faster and even more comfortable for users who want to access this feature.

Apart from that, the latest version of WhatsApp will bring changes to the front face-to-face display. If you look at the screenshot above, all the menus will move to the bottom of the chat room, such as the chat, updates, community and telephone menus.

This appearance makes the WhatsApp application look more mature and simpler for users to use, however, with these changes, we as users must be able to quickly adapt to the new appearance.

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Next WhatsApp Update Features

Next WhatsApp Update Features
Next WhatsApp Update Features. Source: WABetaInfo

According to WABetainfo, apart from the AI chatbot feature, WA will also present two other features, namely a sticker creation feature and Photorealistic Image Generation which can clarify an image without you having to edit it.

These two features will later be created by AI and display contact information in the chat menu, so that users can see contact information without having to look at the contact's profile photo.

WhatsApp will also later present a filter feature for status updates in a vertical form, so that users can easily control the status of contacts without having to first open the contact that will be muted.

Uses of the WhatsApp AI Chatbot Feature

As explained above, this feature will be very useful to help with work or daily activities.

Examples of using AI for work are creating content material for the company you work for, creating marketing analysis, and creating designs using AI.

Meanwhile, examples of using AI for daily activities include planning holidays by making schedules using AI chatbots, making WA stickers without having to use third party applications and making funny conversations with AI for entertainment.

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The advantages of the WhatsApp AI chatbot compared to other AI chatbots

WA's AI chatbot is integrated directly with the Meta company, which makes this feature believed to have extensive knowledge and be able to answer questions according to the user's wishes.

Meanwhile, other AI chatbots are limited in information and if you want the AI to reach wider information, you have to pay according to the terms of the AI chatbot.

The AI WA chatbot is easy to access and use without having to log in first because the AI chatbot is a feature in the WhatsApp application so users can easily use it. Meanwhile, other AI chatbots must log in first.

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So, that's the discussion regarding the WhatsApp application which will release an AI chatbot feature, are you impatient to use this feature?

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