Athena Shield: Magical Burst Resistance Mandatory Item

Athena Shield

Holla Vicigers! This time we will review Athena Shield in the game Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. This one Defense Item can not only be used by tankers, but also all hero roles.

Well, how come? Yes of course you can. Because this item is very flexible and good for various match conditions.

Its attributes and passives are not only suitable for counteracting certain types of damage, but can also be combined with many types of hero mechanics in the game.

So don't be surprised if the Athena Shield is never absent as a meta item. For this reason, this article will discuss in detail this one item.

For Vicigers who don't understand how much this item really sucks, you can really read it all the way through. Come on, check it out!

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Athena Shield

Athena Shield Past
Athena Shield Past. Source: VCGamers

First of all, let's talk about how it looks. Athena Shield (which is also often called 'Athena' only) is an item that belongs to the category of defense or 'Defense'. As the name implies: 'Shield', or which means 'Shield' or 'Shield'.

In addition to the nickname, this item is also often identified as a 'Pink Shield' due to its appearance which is dominated by a glowing pink color.

With such a striking appearance, Vicigers certainly won't have a hard time finding it among the various other Defense Items.

In terms of its own design, Moonton has only changed the graphics from Athena Shield once. This was done exactly when 2 years ago the developer made visual revamped of various items simultaneously as a form of "rejuvenation" and improving the quality of HD displays.

If you trace the story she has, Athena Shield is a shield owned by Freya. Naturally, this item is suitable when used by the fighter too. When it has been purchased, the hero who carries it will appear to have a white circle and a bluish-purple aura glowing around it.

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Athena Shield Mechanics and Attributes

Illustration of Item Defense ML
MLBB Team Fight illustration. Source: YouTube/MLBB Indonesia


Regarding the mechanics themselves, Athena is a category of defense item that is very suitable for counteracting magical damage. Yes, if you meet mage users, this item is perfect for use.

Eits, but don't just use it! There are also a number of things to consider when you want to choose this item for the hero you use in the game.

Athena is more suitable to be used to ward off burst magical damage output. Some mages with this type of output are like Eudora, vale, Aurora, Kadita, etc.

The heroes above will tend to rely on their skill combos to be able to pick-off targets. As for poke mages who rely on setups such as Valir, Chang'e, Zhask, etc., it will be more suitable to be countered by Radiant Armor items. So, don't choose it!


Athena's mainstay in warding off magical burst damage is of course the acquisition of the shield (white blood) given by her. This is also combined with his passive which can reduce magical damage by 25% for 3 seconds.

Apart from that, he also provides defense attributes that are no less important: additional 900 HP, +62 magic defense, and +2 HP regen as the latest buff given by Moonton. It's only natural that all of this eventually makes the item a meta.

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Athena Shield build path

Athena Shield Build Path
Athena Shield Build Path. Source: VCGamers

For the build path, Viciger needs to buy 2 items first, namely Vitality Crystal (+230 HP) and Silence Robe (+540 HP & +30 Magic Defense).

Yep, this item known as the 'Blue Cloak' is the core of the Athena Shield which provides her magic defense in the future.

This cloak itself is obtained by combining Magic Resist Cloak (+18 Magic Defense) and Vitality Crystal.

We suggest that you prioritize magic defense items first rather than HP acquisition.

So buy a Magic Resist Cloack first to make Silence Robe. Only after that, combine it with each Vitality Crystal so that the Athena Shiel build can be owned as soon as possible.

Silence Robe
Silence Robe. Source: VCGamers
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So, that was the discussion about the sundries of the Athena Shield. With the increasing number of magical burst heroes in the Land of Dawn, this item certainly becomes more important to use. So, make sure you use the Athena Shield according to its usefulness! Good luck!

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