The most complete way to remove WA Web from cellphones and PCs

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For many people who have a daily life as office employees and interact a lot with clients and co-workers via WhatsApp or WA communication media, struggling with WA web from a cellphone or desktop on a PC is very common. Therefore, to maintain privacy, you should know how to remove WA web from your cellphone.

Not without reason, there are many employees who are given facilities to borrow devices from the office, in the form of cellphones that are used for work.

So, there are often some jail employees who often open WA which is still connected to the device for fun purposes.

Therefore, the author advises you to frequently double check your office cellphone before leaving your desk when you want to go home. Don't forget to log out, and return it to its original location.

So, in this article, the author will show you how to remove WA web from your cellphone or PC, for those of you who don't know how.

Without further ado, let's get into the main discussion. Listen carefully to the discussion, so that you don't misunderstand the information that has been provided. Check it out!

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How to remove WA Web from cellphone and PC

HP Specter x360 16 - How to remove WA web from cellphone
HP Specter x360 16. (Source: Windows Central/Google)

In this article, the author will share several detailed discussions for you. How to log out or leave the WA web on your cellphone is very easy, and you can copy it to practice. Here's how:


Whatsapp on cellphone - How to remove WA Web from cellphone
Whatsapp on cellphone. (Source: Kompas Technology/Google)

Here's how to log out of WA web on your cellphone:

1. You can open a browser on a cellphone that has WA login

2. Access the three dots at the top right of the screen again, then select log out or sign out from the menu listed on your cellphone screen

3. After returning to the home page menu, the log out process has been successfully carried out

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Whatsapp on PC - How to Remove WA Web from Cellphone
WhatsApp on PC. (Source: Microsoft/Google)

Almost similar to how to log out of WA on your cellphone, you only need to follow the following steps:

1. Open the browser where you log in to WA

2. Select the three dot symbol in the top right corner of the PC or laptop screen

3. Select the menu "Sign out all devices" or "Sign out all devices" if you use English

4. After pressing the button, you will automatically exit WA

How to remove WA from an old cellphone

Whatsapp on cellphone
Whatsapp on cellphone. (Source: Google)

When you change cellphones and want to sell your old cellphone to a shop, you should first remove your account from WhatsApp on the cellphone. Here's how:

1. First download the WA application on the new cellphone

2. Log in with the old number, and pay attention to the verification code that will be given

3. Make sure existing messages and data are backed up and returned to their original state when switching devices

4. After that, you can reset your cellphone, or uninstall WA on your old cellphone

Things to Pay Attention to When Logging Out WA

Log out of WhatsApp
Log out of WhatsApp. (Source: WikiHow/Google)

When you log out of WA, pay attention to your data first. If you rarely back up data on your old cellphone, then you won't get the original data on your new cellphone.

Therefore, you have to back up chats on your old cellphone first, before moving the data. Automatically, chats, documents and photos will move to the new cellphone, if the data transfer is complete.

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