Tips for Improving PUBG Sniping and Long-Range Combat

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If you are a sniper user and often do long-distance combat. So, please refer to this page for tips on improving sniping PUBG.

Like other Battle Royale games, PUBG Mobile offers a variety of weapons that can be used to finish off opponents. While SMGs and shotguns are useful for close range duels, snipers provide an added advantage during long range combat.

Handling a sniper in PUBG is not an easy task. There are many factors to consider when aiming at your opponent. It should be noted that bolt-action snipers only fire one round at a time.

Therefore, inaccurate shots can reveal the player's position, leaving you vulnerable to enemy attacks.

This article will share five tips to improve PUBG sniping and ranged combat. Don't miss it!

How to Improve PUBG Sniping

Use the Right Weapon

Improve PUBG Sniping

The first step to improving PUBG sniping and ranged duels is getting the perfect weapon. This game offers two types of snipers: bolt-action and automatic sniper rifles. Bolt-action rifles should be preferred over the others because they deal a lot of damage.

You have to set your preferences as AWM, M24, Kar 98 in this order. If a bolt-action sniper is not available, you can use the automatic one.

Select Attachments

Improve PUBG Sniping

Adding various attachments to a sniper rifle is useful for improving long-range shooting. You must install the compensator for the sniper rifle. The compensator controls the gun's recoil, and helps to get a steady shot.

Other attachments such as extended magazines and scopes should be used as well. You can accommodate up to 8x scope in PUBG. Therefore, gamers should keep an eye on this as a way to improve PUBG sniping.

Sniper and DMR are the only weapons in PUBG that can combine 8x scope. Scope 8x can be used for long-range snipers, which is the main function of a sniper rifle.

However, to improve PUBG sniping and get more kills in long range combat, you must learn how to change scopes. For medium range sniping, you have to choose a 4x or 6x scope.

You can even use the built-in customizing options found in 8x and 6x scopes to turn them into 4x scopes.

Always Use Covers

Improve PUBG Sniping

Sniping is most effective when your opponent keeps guessing your position. You may not shoot from an open area. This makes them vulnerable to enemy bullets.

Instead, you should use natural coverings such as trees, shrubs and rocks. Even man-made structures such as buildings, walls, and other structures must be used as cover when shooting. 

When you shoot wide open or in an open field, you will only become an easy target for other sniper players.

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Use the Peek And Shoot Method

Improve PUBG Sniping

Even though most gamers are aware of the peek and shoot option in PUBG, it is seldom used. However, you should use this feature because it helps to see enemies without getting out of cover.

You should also try to change your position in between to confuse other players and shoot them from different angles.

Do Sniper Training Mode

Improve PUBG Sniping

PUBG Mobile offers several other modes besides Battle Royale. Under Arcade mode, you will find Sniper Rifle Training missions. The aim of this mode is to get the maximum number of kills in a certain period of time using a Sniper rifle.

This mode is the perfect place to practice sniping and improvise long range shots. It is well known that practice paves the way to success.

Therefore gamers are advised to frequently enter Sniper Training mode and hone their skills. You should also be able to improve PUBG sniping this way.

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Those were the ways and tips for you to improve PUBG sniping and long-distance combat. If you have your own skill or method, let us know in the comments column about how to improve PUBG sniping.

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