Tips for Playing Hero Natalia ML Ala Baloyskie, Really Hurts!

hero Natalia ML

One of the prominent pro players in the competition MPL ID Last Season 11 was Baloyskie. She is really good at using the Natalia ML hero and this is proven by her win rate reaching 100 percent.

No one can doubt the best user of the hero Natalia ML in today's world, Baloyskie. He is one of the pro players in Mobile Legends who has crossed the Philippines and Indonesia tournaments.

The pro player traveling around the Philippines has the best record as the hero user Natalia ML in MPL ID so far, with a 100 percent winning record in five shows. 

There are lots of Esports teams trying to include Natalia ML's hero in list they are in the competition rankings of MLBB Indonesia, but only Geek Baloyskie can win.

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Who are Baloyskie Pro Players?

Baloyskie Geek. Source: One Esports.

Baloyskie is an expert at playing the game Mobile Legends from the Philippines.

PRia, 24 years old, born on October 10, 1998, is a former ONIC PH player.

Then, he played for Geek Fam in MPL ID Season 11.

Tips for Using Baloyskie's Natalia ML Hero

Baloy uses Natalia MLBB. Source: Youtube: Snipe Gaming TV.

He uses Natalia to navigate the Mobile Legends META, where enemies will disappear when they meet her in the Land of Dawn.

Baloyskie also recalled that Natalia's main role was to destroy the enemy. 

As reported from the page One Esports, thing that needs to be done is looking for enemies with low HP.

Even if you already have the first item, don't hesitate to start the fight as long as you can exchange the life of your opponent's core.

The next tip, you need to calculate the damage with the items used. It's not easy, but this can be honed by continuing to increase the hours of firing. 

Next, we also have to know how the opposing team's items are. This will help us to target the opponent properly.

By following these tips, you can play the Natalia ML hero correctly like the Geek Slate pro player.

Your main item at the beginning of the game is the Fury Hammer which is then upgraded to the Blade of Heptaseas.

This is the first capital damage game that will help you knock down your opponent quickly. 

Next, you need to buy Malefic Roar and Hunter Strike, which are instructions for destroying your opponent's defenses in the mid game.

Furthermore, the last item choices are the Demon Hunter Sword and Blade of Despair. 

If your opponent's HP is too high, choose the Demon Hunter sword item or Blade of Despair.

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Roamer Natalia Baloyskie version

Natalia ML. Source: Zerochan.

Baloyskie often uses this hero as a roamer in all competitions Mobile Legends.

Natalia has a very special passing ability, that is, if Natalia is in the bushes and doesn't move in time and takes damage, Natalia will go into hiding mode. 

This skill will increase your movement speed and your next basic attack. Natalia will give a cooldown effect and 30 percent slow for 0.6 seconds when attacking the target.

Furthermore, you also apply Natalia ML's combo skill. The method is passive skill + basic attack + skill 1 2x + skill 2 + a maximum of 2x. With this combination, Natalia is able to kidnap the opponent's hero without a sign and quickly. 

This 2 hero skill has a slow CC effect and closes with Natalia's ultimate.

As a wanderer, of course Natalia is very effective because she has the ability to disappear. 

He can also create his own open cards using his advanced moves and connectors.

Using skills that her opponent has found, Natalia can do the splits easily. It can even happen behind the house when the enemy is targeting you.

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