When will MPL ID Season 12 Start? Let's Check the Details

Dewa United Enters MPL 12

Courtiers Mobile Legends Surely you already miss going back to watching the interesting matches that the Premier League usually presents from this one MOBA game. Yep, especially if it's not MPL Beloved ID, where the pro-players are MLBB regularly compete at the regional level.

Until the end of the last season last April, MPL ID has lasted until its 11th season.

This shows how high the interest of the gaming community is MLBB in enjoying this one MOBA game contest.

This proves that the dynamics of MOBA games have a fairly rapid development rate.

Yep, presented in a competitive scheme that is packaged in a modern sport called e-sports, this gaming product is an industry that cannot be underestimated.

The audience comes from all walks of life: young and old, adults and children, students and workers, to men and women – all of whom are ready to line up to enjoy the excitement of the matches that are presented

So, in order to better understand the details in order to welcome the next season, we will discuss the ins and outs of MPL in more detail in this article.

So for those of you who want to understand more, stay tuned and please listen to it!

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History of the Development of MPL ID

History of MPL ID
History of MPL ID. Source: MPL ID Official Site

When viewed from its history, MPL ID is one of the most successful gaming Premier Leagues on the market.

Not only in Indonesia in particular, but also in Southeast Asia and the world in general.

This high popularity is certainly inseparable from the success of the game itself in popularizing the MOBA genre on mobile platforms.

Not only MLBB able to become one of the best-selling games on the platform, but it is also able to become one of the most downloaded applications in the world. Even so this is not immediately achieved just like that.

At the start of its presence, games this received various receptions, including from the MOBA community itself.

Yes, this game, which was originally only available on the desktop platform, received a lot of rejection and was considered a mere result of plagiarism.

But in the midst of the storm of ridicule, this game is able to prove the success of its existence.

One of them is by developing its own gaming community and creating a new point in competitive e-sports called MPL.

MPL itself is spread across many countries as a different league in each region. As for the Indonesian region, the first kick-off (Season 1) was in January 2018.

After five years, this is still going on and even growing rapidly.

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MPL ID Season 11

MPL ID S11. Source: MPL ID Official Site

Before the discussion gets to the point, it's better to first explain about the previous MPL ID season.

There are so many things that can be highlighted from the event. Of course this is interesting to discuss.

There are three big teams present as the winners of Season 11.

Coming in third place, Alter Ego managed to get that position after losing to EVOS in the lower bracket match.

Meanwhile, EVOS, the winner managed to get a ticket to advance to the grand final against the “incumbent” champion of the previous MPL season, namely ONIC Esports.

Yes, the “yellow hedgehog” team was able to perform smoothly without tasting the bitterness of defeat in the playoffs.

And sure enough, the domination turned out to be too difficult for the white tiger team to break.

They have to admit the greatness of the squad led by Butss the captain.

From there, ONIC appeared to lift the trophy in first place, followed by EVOS as runners-up.

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MPL ID Season 12 2023 schedule

S11 Final Acquisition
S11 Final Acquisition. Source: MPL ID Official Site

Until now, the MLBB community itself is still waiting for the start of the MSC 2023 match as the much anticipated international scale event.

This event will compete against MPL champions from various regions around the world.

Therefore, before the MSC ends, MPL itself is still in the "holiday" stage.

Even though MPL ID has been completed since last April, many events in several regions have just been completed. Of course, this indicates that there is quite a lot of time left to prepare for the next season.

But if you look in the mirror from past seasons, the second half of the season in a period of one year usually starts from August to September, as can be seen from MPL ID Season 8 and 10. So, let's just wait until that month comes, Vicigers!

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