The Story Behind the Puzzle in Secret House

Secret house is a game with a match 3 puzzle concept created by Flash developer, Inc. This game does not only offer match 3 puzzles, but players will also get an interesting story with a mission to save the mansion. How exciting is Secret House? These are the points that make it so interesting.

A Combination of Story and Puzzle

in games Secret House This player is the character Momo, a girl who goes on an adventure to learn witchcraft. One year later, Momo has finished studying witchcraft and then returns to her home, a large mansion. However, when he arrived there, the condition of the mansion looked rundown which indicated that it had been unoccupied for a long time. In order to fix various existing conditions, Momo also makes use of the power of marble. The process of getting marble in the Secret House is playing a match 3 puzzle. The peculiarity of this Secret House game is that even though the concept of the puzzle and the story are integrated, the players don't have to take turns playing the puzzle with the story.

Deep story and puzzle Secret House there is no structure that holds it together. In order to continue the story, players need marble which is obtained from playing puzzles. However, players can play puzzles without having to continue the story. That means players can just enjoy puzzles to collect enough marble. Once there is time to play the story, players can do it continuously armed with lots of marble from the previous puzzle results.

Power Ups

Deep match 3 Puzzle concept Secret House  it's quite simple to run. Displayed a puzzle that contains many objects of various colors with random formations. The player's obligation is to find what can be arranged in 3 objects of the same color. When objects can be neatly arranged, they will automatically disappear. For various puzzle missions in the Secret House. For example, how many times do you remove objects, place eggs at certain points so that fairies appear, destroy boxes, and so on. All of these missions can be carried out by simply lining up 3 objects of the same color. It's just that players must be vigilant because there is a step limit. If the allotted steps run out while the mission doesn't materialize, the puzzle fails immediately. Players may choose to repeat from the beginning or buy extra steps by paying for them using coins.

In Secret House  there is also a power up system that varies. The easiest power up is to form more than 3 puzzle objects. When the player successfully forms 4 objects or even more, a power up will automatically appear. For example, if a player makes a straight line of 4, a bomb will automatically appear in a horizontal or vertical row. The bomb power up can also be combined with other bombs to produce a louder explosion effect. There are also power ups that are obtained by completing puzzles or buying from the shop, which of course uses real money. Even though the power ups are few in number, they are pretty great. For example, there is a power up in the form of a hammer that can remove a puzzle object anywhere.

Beautify the Mansion

As long as the story goes deep Secret House In this, players can repair and beautify the mansion, which looks messy at first. For players who like to decorate rooms, this game is certainly very interesting. When set, players are provided with 3 variations of choice. For example, for shelves, there are 3 models to choose from. For each room, players can meet several other characters. Besides being able to try stories from different characters, the theme of each room also varies. For example, in the first room, players can manage a bakery that has various rooms.

Secret House  presents a match 3 puzzle concept to be played in spare time and also an exciting story. This game can be run without an internet connection. If the position is online, there are advertisements, but they are not annoying. Players only need to watch ads if they want to find the extra coins needed to continue. There is also a shop that sells various power up items, it's just that the puzzles that are presented are not that difficult.

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